Universal Studios Singapore

Our initial plan was to go on the Deepavali public holiday itself. Then I found out that going to USS on a public holiday is a no-no. It will be too crowded and the possibility of sold out tickets is very high. Tak nak la datang jauh2 tiba2 tickets sold out pulak kan. Or even kalau boleh masuk pun dok berlanggar bahu dengan orang. So we decided to go a day earlier.

We left the hotel around 9.30am after breakfast. The imigration clearance was a bit delayed coz they found out that Gee’s car ada saman in 2008 yang tak bayar lagi! Aiyak..have to settle that first in their office before we could proceed into Singapore. Terbang SGD70..hehe!


Q nak masuk Singapore

After snapping this pic, I realised we're not supposed to take pictures. Ada signage kat situ. *sorok camera*

We set the GPS to go to VivoCity Mall. We decided to park in there and take the Sentosa Express to USS. The parking fees was SGD7.80 and train was SGD3 each person pergi-balik. The SE was very convinient and cheaper alternative than driving to Sentosa Island. Turun after 1 stop je at Waterfront Station. Then terus dah masuk entrance USS. Since I bought the tickets online, we didn’t have to Q. Terus je scan the Print-At-Home tickets and we’re in. IY tak payah bayar. Kids are 4-12. And weekday rates are cheaper i.e. SGD 66. The ticket price includes SGD5 Meal Voucher and SGD5 Retail Voucher. Boleh guna inside to redeem bila beli barang and makan.


Sentosa Express - alight at Waterfront Station

IY baru bangun - still mamai but excited naik choo choo train

Turun train terus pintu masuk to USS

At the entrance

USS was not as big as I expected it to be. We had a strategy when we first read the map. Mula-mula pusing satu round dulu tengok apa yang ada..sambil pusing we spot the rides and whatnots yang nak naik nanti. Being pregnant of course I tak boleh naik almost semua benda. And Gee’s not a rollercoster guy himself. Takde geng katanya. Nevertheless, we had fun still. We took our own sweet time strolling the whole park twice. Tak ramai orang so the waiting time untuk each ride yang kitaorang naik pun tak lama. Dalam 5 minutes je.

Too many pictures

More pictures

Cukup la ye?

We had our lunch at one of the restaurants inside. Masuk je cari cop halal dulu. Gee had roasted chicken and I had chicken rice. IY makan his kiddie meal. Ada nuggets and fries. Tapi nasi mak dia pun dia belasah jugak. His kiddie meal came with a Woody Woodpecker lunch box. Since then, ke mana-mana pun dengan lunch box.

We had lunch here

Lunch time

Ice cream pulak

We didn’t shop one bit. Oh wait, does fridge magnets count? Okay then just that one bit. For the sake nak perabis the retail voucher. Maybe tak terasa nak shopping sangat sebab we know we will come again. Definitely. Next time dengan family pulak. Baru la Gee thrill nak naik rides.

All in all, the trip was an enjoyable one but tiring of course. I think if it wasn’t of my fragile condition, I would go all out enjoying it. Ni jalan pun slow-slow..kejap-kejap kena stop. Yang bestnye, the pening-pening lalat came only towards petang and at night..bagus la baby mama ni..kasi mama chance jalan-jalan dulu pastu lepas geram at  the end of the day ye? InsyaAllah, ada rezeki kita datang lagi ok?

So there you go…day two-done.






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