Singapore Zoo

We have been promising IY the zoo a week before the trip. Been telling him that we’ll be seeing the elephants, monkeys, lions, crocodiles…and yang kelakarnye dia tambah sendiri…An nak tengok ayammmm! Erkk…kesian anak mama, nak tengok ayam pun sampai kena pegi zoo ke?

The zoo entrance

Cars parked all the way by the road side

We parked here

Again we started our journey after breakfast. I was anticipating a heavy traffic sebab it’s Deepavali holiday for both countries. Alhamdulillah, my prediction was wrong. The heavy traffic was on the opposite side coming in from Singapore. So we had a smooth journey with the help of our trusty GPS. We arrived at bout 10am and the car park was already full. People parked their cars along the roadside. Panjang okehh! Then we tried our luck to park at the Orchid Park nearby. Well, it’s not near anyway. We still had to walk about 1.5km which is very very far for this pregnant lady. Demi anakku yang nak tengok ayam kat zoo, ku gagahi jua.

Exercise pagi2

Since it’s Gee’s birthday that day, I knew that he’ll be getting free ticket. The ticket price is SGD18 for Admission Adult. Kids are 3-12. So again IY is free. I went to Q to purchase my tickets when a lady came to tegur me asking if I wanted to go in for free. I was surprised and asked why. She said she got free tickets but she’s letting it go.  Again, I asked why. She’s said it’s too crowded and she decided to come in later. Saya sangat suka hati but at the same time my mind was thinking “what’s the catch? ada hidden camera ke apa ni?”. She looked like she’s a hurry so I didn’t get her name. Just managed to say thank you. Dear Lady, if you are reading this blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rezeki birthday boy la tu..satu family dapat masuk free.

Gee snapped a picture rupanya..that's her. She gave us free tickets. Thanks!

Then the journey began. The zoo was big. Penat. But we loved it nonetheless. Sebab tak busuk and it’s well kept. Rasa macam masuk reserved forest. Tapi yes ramai orang. I expected it though so couldn’t complained much. IY was in awe looking at the animals. Macam la tak pernah pegi Zoo Negara, but maybe dulu dia pegi he was still small. He appreciates more now.

Enjoying the view

Then we stopped at the Kids Zone. There was a pool there ala-ala KLCC Park tu. I was not prepared for the pool. Didn’t bring his swimsuit and towel. Mula-mula belasah je kasi dia masuk pakai jeans. Gee pun basah sekali. Then I went to the souvenir shop and bought a towel and nappy pants swimsuit. Wahh semakin menjadi2 anakanda saya bermandi manda di bawah terik matahari. Luckily, we had no problems to get him out of the pool. Of course dengan janji manis seluruh alam. Hehe..I know, bad parenting. Jangan tiru ok?

Suka betul

I became a bit tired and woozy by the end of the journey. Lagi-lagi dah bunyi guruh nak hujan. Cepat-cepat we sprinted to the exit and Gee went to get the car. We waited at the entrance coz I just couldn’t walk no more. Kebas dah kaki ni. We went for lunch and balik JB terus. IY seperti biasa naik kereta terus tido tak peduli apa dah.

Cantiknye anak teruna saya duduk - while waiting for Ayah to get the car

The next day we went back to KL after breakfast. Arrived KL around 2pm. Kepengsanan kepenatan. Tapi puas hati. The end.




8 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo

  1. babe..i just love ur entry since i just posted to my FB about my plan (where or when dunno?) on going to USS n Singapore was like match made in heaven..(of course about ur entry n my FB entrylah…) please give me details i.e the ticket price….how far is the journey from JB to Singapore Zoo…..what to expect? …

    BTW…good to know ada tempat main air…can bring apa yang patut!…

    hae hanafi

  2. love singapore zoo!
    now why can’t our zoo take example from there?!

    hey btw CONGRATS!!! happy to hear the good news 🙂
    take a good care of yourself ya.

    • a’ah alhamdulillah dia x banyak kerenah bila bawak jalan…altho there are times bila dia buat perangai..but not to the extent kitaorg serik. haa.. nanti balik boleh gi USS plak…now bawak Qirah gi Disneyland Paris dulu…ahaks!

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