The second time

People kept saying each pregnancy is unique and different. I want to believe that. Especially on the no-fun part like migraine, cramps and whatever complications I had during IY’s time. But on the fun part and being healthy part, I want it to be the same if not better. I’m trying my best to treat this pregnancy like it’s the first time.

When I had IY, I forbid myself to succumb to those asam, jeruks and whatnots to ease my nausea and queasiness. I replaced those with orange juice. Really really masam ones. I sip slowly to really really taste the masam-ness of the orange. It did work at one point. After a while, the body dah immune, so dah tak jalan dah. Baby #2 so far is giving me more or less the same level of morning sickness as Abang Ilhan did. Although hubby said it looked worse. Maybe coz I’m working now. Dulu time IY, I was a full time student. Banyak rest time at home. Now the 10 hours in the office is really putting my body to a test.

Coke & all carbonated drinks are also a no-no for me now. And I haven’t touched tea since. Coffee is not a problem for me coz I don’t drink coffee at all. My concern is definitely my weight. I hope I won’t gain unnecessarily. I kept reminding myself: +13 kg MAX! Supplement wise, I have been taking folic acid a few months before I got pregnant. And not forgetting my Usana.

IY has been great since he knew he was going to be a big brother. I try my best not to carry him too much. He knows how to climb up and down his car seat on his own whenever I drive alone with him. So far he hasn’t shown any mengada-ngada-nak-dapat-adik symptom. He understands that I have a baby in my tummy. Whenever I feel down, he’ll come to me asking “Mama pening ke? Baby pusing-pusing dalam perut?” Awww..isn’t he a sweetie? I’m just trying to treat him the same despite the queasiness and sleepiness. Don’t want him to feel left out. Gee on the other hand has been great in doing the double duty these days.

I talked to IY when he was in my tummy from Day 1. I’m trying my best to do the same to baby#2 but kena cakap siang pandang-pandang la kan. Karang kat ofis cakap sorang orang kata gile pulak kan. But nevertheless, I love talking to my babies. I feel connected with them. Last time I kept telling IY to be punctual on his birth-day. Little did I know he was going to be punctual alright! On the dot of his 37th week (the day he has matured and ready to face the world, he’s out – ikut tingkap!). This time I will have to rephrase my sentences with baby adik. Betul la kata orang, mulut ibu sangat lah masin.

Again, hoping for a smooth journey. As much as I can’ t wait for this baby to come out, I also want to cherish every moment of carrying him/her.




8 thoughts on “The second time

    • thanks dear. i can’t wait for your 2nd too! after all you’ve been thru, u deserve it lah..mana ada mengada.
      alhamdulillah, hopefully IY stay mcm tu sampai adik dia kuar nanti.

  1. yup i would say, each pregnancy is different. during triplets it was terrible. i vomit minimum 8 times a day during first trimester and it didnt stop in the 2nd trimester, cume less frequent.

    pregnant with uZAir was very easy alhamdulillah, Allah had mercy on me i guess since the elder two were not even 1 year old then. i vomited only once through out the whole journey and had no problem with food at all.

    as for now, i cant take rice just like my pregnancy with the triplets. btu alhamdulillah energy wise im okay cume very limited food i can take

    insyaAllah, Allah will make things easy for us

    • oh my!! 8 times a day? i can’t imagine myself puking in the office with my meetings in & out. i’m always grateful that i don’t vomit at all. i consider myself lucky. alhamdulillah.

      yeah i hope things are easier this time. especially the birth part when i had the complications previously with IY. i just don’t wanna go thru that again.

      insyallah you’ll be fine this time, despite the rice-less diet. anak mat salleh betul.

  2. insyallah, doa banyak-banyak Pu3, Just remember when you feel sick and down, take one step at a time,there is always hikmah behind all of this…and the best part A BABY is waiting for you at our end of 40 weeks! 🙂 (kalau dan cukup…if not 36/37/38/39 weeks…try guava juice?

    • Iera, thanks. yes, I take one day at a time now. Counting down the days for the first trimester to be over. Tak sabar.

      Guava juice belum try. Boleh la cuba nanti. Hope it works.

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