Car Seat

I get these questions asked a lot of times..A LOT!

Eh, Ilhan duduk dalam carseat lagi? Mahu lagi dia duduk dalam ni?


Eh, Ilhan dah 2 tahun lebih kan? Duduk dalam ni lagi? Dah besar pun duduk lagi dalam ni?

Okay, I wanna let this out.

Yes, my son is 2.7 years old and he still sits in his car seat every time he’s in the car. I admit occasionally we let him sit on the adult seat with the adult seat belt on. But only for short distance drive within 3-5  minutes away. Then, they will say, “Ilhan bagus la, nak lagi dia..anak I tak nak dah..menjerit2 dia kalau letak dlm seat”. I tell you, it looks easy but no it is not. I still remember his first ride on the front facing seat when he was 9 months old. He was screaming his lungs out. Sampai “selop” or voiceless, but not once Gee let him out. Or more like not once Gee let me take him out.

His first infant carrier cum car seat. Masa ni still dalam pantang - we were practising at home before the real thing outside

His first front facing car seat

Even now, he would buat perangai once in a while kalau mood dia tiba2 “nak duduk depan dengan mama boleh?” sambil senyum buat muka comel kelip2 mata to me. I said “No”. Fuhh, that’s when the struggle begins. I’ll have to wrestle him down. But once the buckle is on, I’m done! He would scream his lungs out but usually dalam 15 minutes or so..then tersedu sedu..”Mama, An sayang mama”. Awww, how can I resist that? Then I’ll say, “Ilhan, mama nak peluk An, tapi mama tengah bawak kereta, nanti sampai rumah, mama peluk ok?”.  And I make sure I give him a hug when we arrived. I’ll explain to him why he needs to be buckled up. He’s a smart boy, never underestimate that little kid. From my observation, he behaves better in his car seat and sleeps better too. Kalau biar dia keluar, mula la dia nak melompat sana sini, panjat naik itu ini. Sebab tu kot dia suka tido dalam kereta. Kita drive pun senang hati knowing that he’s buckled up. Takde la kita terjerit2, “Ilhan no! Ilhan don’t!”.

I’m glad that Gee’s on the same page as I am. In fact, he’s more strict than I am. I have a soft spot that sometimes IY just know how to switch it on. But Gee always remind me, duit habis boleh cari, kereta hancur kita boleh beli, anak pulak nak cari ganti kat mana? Kita boleh berhati2 selagi boleh, but can we guarantee that other people are as careful as we are and not caused any accidents? Do you want to live in regret for the rest of your life?

I know carseat is a sensitive issue coz our country pun tak enforce any law and tak put it into practice unlike other countries. Ada country yang tak allow a newborn being discharged from the hospital if they don’t see the baby being put in a carseat to be brought home. I have read forums and articles where Malaysian parents yang trying to be defensive and sour grape with remarks like “kaya boleh la beli, anak sorang boleh beli, orang KL boleh la, anak baru masuk 3 dah panic nak kena beli MPV”. Oh, I feel sorry for these people with these kind of mentality. For Gee and me – nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih. We are not perfect. We have our flaws too. I guess this entry will be a reminder for us too.

No car seat on the front seat

Although some may have different views, at least please have some sense. Show some example lah. Wear YOUR seatbelt – front or back. Also the least you could do is sit at the back with the kid and jangan la pangku them in front. The airbag could smash the baby’s face and cause death. That’s why car seats are not allowed on the front seat of a car if the car has a front air bag. Ini dah la pangku anak, bukak tingkap pulak tu. Cuba bayangkan siapa yang tercampak keluar dulu if the driver did an emergency brake? Nauzubillah. And don’t even get me started on the Britney-style. Letak anak atas pangku and drive. What were they thinking?

A friend quoted something to me recently [while we were discussing about work]..”take responsibility, no blaming, no excuses”..and I believe that applies to parenting too.

Just my 2 cents. I guess my hormones were doing most of the talking. No offence. Peace!




13 thoughts on “Car Seat

  1. babes,

    i am in the same page, as you called it. i totally agree, and i think Malaysia should enforce a law on this car seat — it’s a MUST! i buckled up my kids averytime as well (and i hope my parents are doing the same in my absence now), but mmg betul, duit boleh carik, anak siapa nak ganti?

    take care natul, and kisses for the lil guy.

    cheers from aberdeen 🙂

  2. Alhamdulillah my kids pun takde issue. Lagi satu once diorg dah paham tunjuk kat diorg iklan accident. Ada 1 iklan yg tunjuk if tak pakai seat belt tu. So lagi diorg paham kenapa kena pakai seat belt/carseat.

    • Anyway mmg Fin pun ramai org cakap gitu. Nak yer diorg dok carseat. Baik nyer. Hehe nak kena train lah kan. If tak train diorg pun prefer bebas.

      • Good idea lah..tunggu IY besar sikit I’ll show the video. Kat youtube berlambak kan? I selalu tgk crash test video. Ngeri!

        A’ah nak kena train dari newborn. Selain dari tu kena doa byk2 jugak supaya anak ni lembut hati dengar cakap kita nak duduk car seat.

        I cuma risau bila IY ni besar sikit and semakin bijak, he might see other kids in other cars and question why they are not in car seat like him. Budak2 ni soalan tak boleh dijangka. Mama Ayah kena bersedia la nampaknye dengan jawapan bernas.

  3. totally agree… lyssa was such a good girl in her carseat when we were in KL. dok jer diam sampai tertido. especially if it was just the 2 of us. no complaints whatsoever. lagi besar lagi faham kan. but now… sighhhhhhh… kat sini tidak pakai ok. and she’s constantly jumping up and down here and there. not her fault though dia tak pakai… kitorang yang belum beli!!

    • never too late to re-train. with the new baby coming, it’s the best way to kick start.

      lyssa’s a smart kid..i’m sure she’ll get the logic behind it.

      good luck awak!

  4. Agreed!!Kyrana pon duduk dalam car seat tuh till 4 years..But ada jer I tgk anak baru 2 tahun dah biar berdiri kat seat belakang..ya ampun,i sangat cuak,ok..Anak i pon meraung jugak,then nangis,dia tertido sendiri..At least I know she’s ok in the seat..

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