GAP Casting Call

I guess the Facebook are swamped with mommies & daddies who are promoting their kids asking for people to vote for the GAP Casting Call. I have to admit I’m one of them. Tee-hee! But I’m not that extreme lah…not to the extent of tagging everyone in your friends list pleading for votes. That’s too much la kot. Opps! Did I say too much? No offence. See..I told you. It’s my hormones. I’m usually polite. Ahaks!

Okay let’s move on to IY’s story.  We went to OU last weekend for the casting call. The requirement was that we need to spend RM170 in a single receipt. At first I thought I wanted to get some stuff for Baby but the prices were not worth it lah. I could get cheaper bodysuits and sleepsuits from Primark, Next and Mothercare UK during the coming Boxing Day Sale (I have my networks..ahaks!). So we bought IY a few tshirts instead to qualify for the shoot. We were short by a few bucks and were looking high and low for items less than RM20. Last2 ter-beli jugak socks for Baby. There you go, Baby’s first purchase.

People are swarming to have a peek of what’s going on at the photo booth. Also packed with parents and their kids waiting for their turn. It was only 1pm then. IY’s turn was at #109 and scheduled at 3pm. So we went for lunch first and came back a couple of hours later. IY was in a good mood and I’m happy that he was. Dah siap ajar dia how to pose and smile in front of the camera. Tapi last2 hampeh je, keras jugak when the guy asked him to smile. I had to tickle him. Sorok my hand behind the cardboard IY was holding. Nevertheless, we were happy with the final product – a BIG HAPPY SMILE!

If you think my guy is cute, vote for him ya..just for fun. Go to GAP MALAYSIA Page and click LIKE. Follow the instructions and look for IY on “I” Page 1. Easy peasy!


That's my boy!



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