First Quarter

I just passed  my 10th week of pregnancy which is fairly about 1/4 along my journey. Alhamdulillah, so far everything looks good. We saw the heart beating during the 6th week checkup and yesterday we saw the baby’s hands and legs have fully developed. Siap menguek-nguek lagi tendang bila dengar suara Abang Ilhan. At 11 weeks, I’m still scanned using the V-scan coz my gynae couldn’t get a clear picture with the tummy scan. Haihh banyak lapisan lemak kah? She said no’s just that I had an empty bladder,that’s why. Mental note for next month’s checkup: give urine sample AFTER jumpa doctor. Ingat tu!

In terms of morning sickness, yes, I’m still experiencing the loya-ness and the tired-ness. At this point – tidur itu nikmat. I’d rather sleep than eat. BUT STILL, I’ve gained two point something kilos, which is not good. My aim was just 1 kg every month. I blame the tak-tau-nak-makan-apa syndrome. In the end semua pun telan.

Emotion wise, I’m more sensitive these day. I get iritated easily and I’m quite vocal about it. I’m not usually like that. But I guess the hormones are taking over. I hope the baby doesn’t take this trait later. I don’t want Baby to grow up being hot tempered and edgy like this. They say what the mommy feels during the pregnancy will be absorbed by the baby. Betul kah? I pray to God that this baby will be a peaceful baby. Senang dijaga just like Ilhan.

Speaking of which, apart from Spongebob Squarepants, Abang Ilhan has another name for Baby. It’s PUTI (which is I think means Puteri). Sometimes dia panggil Puti, although most of the time it’s still SS. Haihh, kalau esok nanti baby ni boy, jenuh nak kena tuka PUTA ke? Hehehe!

I have started to lather the Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil on my growing tummy. I love the smell I must say. Although I do have stretch marks from IY, I know it’s impossible to NOT have additional marks from this pregnancy. My concern is not the marks, it’s the itchiness that gets me. Masa IY dulu, sapu ala2 je kat tummy sebab konon tak nampak stretch marks tak yah sapu la kot. But noooo…dah hujung2 nak bersalin tu..gatal yang amat. Fuhhh masa tu garu itu heaven. Lepas tu amik kau..berbirat merah macam kena sebat kat perut. And later the redness became white marks aka stretch marks. This time taubat tak nak macam tu dah. Awal dah sapu siap2. I hope it’ll work wonders on me.

EMAB Natural Stretch Oil

My first trimester will end soon and I know from there on, everything will feel like a blink on an eye. Zaasss and before you know it – eh dah nak bersalin??




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