PTPTN interest reduction – Part 2

Don’t know if this is true. Don’t quote me ya. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Story 1

My cousin received a postcard from PTPTN about the interest reduction thingy. I asked him if he’s going for it. He said no. Reason, PTPTN is promoting the 1% for the potongan gaji system that is soon to be implemented. If you signed up to it, you are to pay a fixed monthly repayment through your employer via LHDN. How much is the fixed repayment figure? I have no idea – PTPTN will calculate it for you. But for sure you won’t be having the luxury of paying ikut-sedap-rasa anymore.

Story 2

A friend’s FB status today:

korang tau tak kalau nak wat full settlement kat PTPTN, it will take u 3 months to do that. 1)isi borang pengesahan baki pinjaman 2) tgu surat drp PTPTN confirmation on baki dlm mase 7 Hari 3) byr duit lump sum tu 4) tulis surat pd PTPTN utk brenti pemotongan gaji 5) Tgu LHDN confirm dah dpt bayaran and takde baki 6) PTPTN keluar surat confirmation dah abes byr 7) then surat tu bg majikan utk stop potong gaji


Amongst the comments she received: Selagi tak settle the process above, they will keep on deducting your salary. Even if dah zero balance pun potong gaji gak, lepas tu baru they will refund. God knows how long will that take.

Hmmm..leceh ek?

Since I have clicked to register the 1%, nampaknye saya sudah terjebak. How now brown cow?



5 thoughts on “PTPTN interest reduction – Part 2

  1. And I’m TRYING to make payment pakai E-FES sejak semalam tapi tak boleh… before this ok jer…

    Tapi kita rasa kalau they all nak deduct salary pun you still have to sign something right? They can’t just deduct like that.

    • Hi Alicia,

      Yup betul..mmg kita yang berhutang. Bayar tetap kena bayar – no matter what.

      Cuma process and birokrasi tu saja yang melecehkan. I’m just trying to avoid the potong gaji seboleh-bolehnye and pay on my own every month.

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