Phew! Finally,we’re done with his immunizations..both compulsary & optionals. Well, at least until he’s 5. I brought IY to see his paed today. Mula2 nak check if he’s cough and suara rocker tu is something I should worry about, turned out he’s ok. He’s a tough kid. As long as tak demam, he should be fine. Risau jugak when IY started coughing a few days back, takut tak lepas nak cucuk. Nasib baik semua berjalan lancar.

So off we went to proceed with his final Hepatitis A jab. The first dose was done in July (right before the Jakarta trip). The second jab dah lama plan nak buat (should be done within 6 months) tapi he was down with some kind of skin allergies a few months back, so it was a no-no. I knew January was the deadline. Hari2 dok tgk calendar, bila la nak bawak IY ni, it was either I’m busy or IY’s sick. Nasib baik sempat.

IY’s paed said there is the H1N1 vaccine available if we want, InsyaAllah, we’ll go for it in a few month’s time.


This card has been on the fridge from the day he was born - it's coming down now

Lepas ni, the cycle continues with Baby punya card pulak.




7 thoughts on “Immunization

  1. hi babe….

    just a call up to this entry..remember i had told u that my son has iron deficiency anemia…..(babe….i keep asking where did i go wrong with his food intake????)……

    after getting 2nd opinion from Paed @ Gleneagles….umar is diagnose as thallasemia minor….to worsen the case…exzema n asthma. We are waiting for full blood test result…..tomorrow is another follow up….praying nothing that serious!

  2. Dear,

    rupanya my hubby….(he oso dunno that…)…..My MIL said that its from his arwah FIL side (my FIL passed away at early 30 due to heart failure)….

    after having chit chatting with my office mate (his family inherit it, her sister died at age of 19 due to thallasemia whereby it effect her of heart function and his son also having it)….i shud start with counselling on WHAT IS THALLASEMIA…i had zero knowledge on it….

    well…gerun juga dengar….tapi….berserah…ada hikmah setiap yg jadi….tats why kena amik test thallasemia before marriage!

    • yes nampaknye u kena start study pasal thallasemia lah. be strong mummy!

      a’ah, before kahwin the blood test yang govt suruh buat tu bukan utk AIDS’s for all genetic would give a big impact on you how you plan your family.

      i think thallasemia ada persatuan dia sendiri. maybe u could contact them and seek for support and info.

      good luck dear.

  3. thanks dear!..there more i googling about it..the more emo mama jadi….

    sob sob..i knew i’ll be strong ..i had faces many ujian Allah as hard as turbulance during my marriage time process………i’ll be stronger as fast as time flies……..


  4. Babe………..

    hubby & me is the happiest parents in the world…yesterday went back to gleneagles to get the full blood result. Found out that there is nothing wrong with umar..the hemoglobin and immuglobin is superb!..there is no thallasemia whatsoeva…(how ever Dr. advice my husband to get the test!)Umar is one healthy boy….hearing that..i was like flying and jumping as high as i can. i keep on asking like 3 times..r u sure doc?….just the iron result a bit low but not that serious!

    we conclude that ALLAH sayang kami satu keluarga n bagi kami simple test…untuk lebih dekat padanya!…..

    Thanks for doa n concern!…

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