Breastfeeding resolution

Orang lain tahun baru azam baru. I pulak baby baru azam baru. I have a specific resolution. It’s my BREASTFEEDING resolution. I need to setup my master plan this time. Just like I did when I had IY. But this time with a different strategy sikit.

The plan has vividly berlegar-legar in my mind since I last breastfed IY. He was 13 months old then. I vowed to myself not to repeat the same mistakes and slowly planning what I should and should not do the next time around. I want to breastfeed my next baby longer than IY.

1. My mental setup

Last time with IY, I was so determined to bf until he’s 2 years old. From the day I found out I was carrying him, I pray and pray that Allah murahkan rezeki IY to have his milk until he’s 2 years old. Everyday I browsed through forums and articles online reading through and through hoping I wouldn’t miss anything important. Reading the hardcore bf mommies’ comments lifted up my spirit. Semangat sungguh! I was confident that I could do it. Alhamdulillah I was doing okay until IY was 10 months old, when the supply started to drop and I couldn’t keep up to his demand no more. As much as I was all mentally ready to bf, I did not prepare myself mentally that I had to accept the fact when I needed to buy formula. I was in denial. I was crying when I first bought IY’s formula kat Jusco Setiawangsa. Nak pilih brand apa pun nak kena nangis. So people, if you see ladies with tears along the formula aisle in the supermarket, now you know why.

This time around, I pray the same that Baby ni murah rezeki with susu ibu, but at the same time, I’m preparing myself mentally should God decided otherwise for us. No matter the time frame. I don’t read those forums anymore for updates.  It’s just that as much as those forums lifts up your spirit to BF, they also tend to pull you down if you are not at the same par with them. Sometimes it made you feel incompetent. I understand better now how moms from both worlds feel. Coz I was in both worlds – BF and FM. I hope I’ll be able to control my emotions better this time. Stress was my no 1 killer last time. I panicked when I couldn’t pump as much, I cried when I had to decide to buy FM. I hope I don’t have to go through that emotional state again.

The bottom line is, I’ll bf my child(ren) sehingga ke titisan susu yang terakhir. That’s for sure.

2. Getting a good pump

I was using Avent ISIS IQ Uno the first time around. It’s a single pump and can be used as manual, electric & battery operated pump. I heart the pump. Sungguh banyak berjasa. However, this time around I need a double pump to save more time. I have learnt the hard way that my work is time demanding and hopefully with a double pump I could pump more in less time. I pray and pray that my work and pumping schedule won’t clash in any way this time around.

I haven’t purchased any pumps yet. Still reading reviews and kumpul duit. Planning to do so in my 5th or 6th month nanti. Any recommendations?

3. EBM Inventories

I waited until 2 weeks before going back to work to start storing. I mean really2 pump untuk simpan stock. Sebelum tu, the only times I pumped during my confinement was masa IY admitted jaundice and masa I had severe crack nips sampai kena bottle feed IY for 2 weeks sampai I sembuh. So severe sampai berdarah. Pump susu keluar colour pink! I called it the air bandung incident. Nasib baik IY tak tuka jadi Raja Bersiung..errk!

I didn’t know ada mommies have started pumping dari kat hospital lagi. Dulu I risau kalau I pump, IY dah kurang milk nak minum (although I understand the more you pump/feed, more milk will be produced). Tapi entahlah, it’s just the feeling I had, kalau boobies tu keras and penuh, suka tengok IY gulp gulp gulp. My plan this time is to pump earlier. Start buat stock earlier during my confinement.

Of course, all of the above are from my experience and how I want to do it differently this time. I’m sure all second time, third time or n-th time mommies out there have the same feelings when you were carrying your subsequent babies. It might not be just breastfeeding, it could be anything. Care to share with me and everyone else. We might learn a thing or two.

After all, sharing is caring, aight?

Wish me luck on my next breastfeeding journey!




10 thoughts on “Breastfeeding resolution

  1. Same thing here with my lil Sophie. I just don’t bother to read the forum anymore. Just go with the flow. Let it happen naturally. And i think i am doing better than last time!

  2. pu3, betul! kita stop reading forum hardcore BF ni coz they are really hardcore. yes, lucky they have abundance of milk, unlike kita ni kena support with formula in the end. for me, first 6mth dpt full bf dh syukur. then after that, tgk la mcm mana kan. either way, as long as we try our best, its the best.

  3. Good luck to you Pu3,

    I never read those forum to boost my spirit. I know my limitation. Like I wrote kat my blog, only managed exclusive bf NSA for almost 3 months je.. Mmg sedih but i ve tried my best. Now she is completely on FM. Last bf was when we were back in Msia recently..

    But sekrg ni klu dia cranky mcm nak bf je.. agak2 ada lagi ke? But mmg betul bf is the best food you can ever give to your baby. She started had her eczema after i start giving her FM klu tak silap..

    Anyway, as long they are healthy, sukur alhamdulillah..

    Beli yg double pump cam Jae tu la Pu3, I ve tried those masa lepak kat surau heheeh and mmg la cepat.. rugi gak i tak beli, maybe next time for next baby 🙂

    • Thanks Kak Farah.

      Kalau dia cranky, dia bukan nak minum sangat kot. Maybe just for comfort. Tapi entah2 ada..who knows kan? The baby is the best stimulator.

      I pun risau pasal eczema coz I had it until I was in my teen years. That’s one of my main reason I nak BF my children..takut sgt dorang dpt eczema. And also asthma (me & hubby got it), so kebarangkalian nk dpt tu tinggi gak. Nauzubillah!

      Mmg inspired tgk Jae punya Medela tu…InsyaAllah, tgh nak survey lagi brand lain and model lain. InsyaAllah whichever brand I beli, I’ll do a review. Boleh you refer for your next baby.

  4. Can I just say that I also don’t like that particular forum anymore. Cos when you read thru, sometimes jumpa some of those so-called hardcore ones hv written ‘tapi saya supplement skali SAHAJA sehari, sikit jer’ and then go on to put down all those moms who truly try to feed bmilk exclusively to their babies.

    I like sheilashower’s determination. Awak baca blog dia kan. Kita suka.

    • Wow it’s amazing how everyone is commenting about THAT particular forum. Tak payah sebut nama pun tau ek?

      Nway, to me, kita rasa down bila they think that BF CAN and MUST be done by hook or by crook. They live by the motto “if I can do it, so can you”. It depresses me more.

      Yup I read shilashower’s blog..amazed by her determination too. She has learnt the hard way – just like us.

  5. Fin pun belajar thru hard way gak. After 2 kids baru Fin bebetul dpt tackle how to bf properly and I think I’m still learning. I thot Fin sorg jer stress bila baca forum2 mcm tu. Yeah end up Fin malas pegi forum tu sbb rasa kita mcm loser sgt cz bagi anak minum FM which bukan pilihan kita pun dan terpaksa since EBM dah abis kan. For now alhamdulillah Dahleea still exclusive BF and Fin try mana yg terdaya. Andai kata EBM dah abis n takleh tampung nak buat mcm mana. Apa2 pun BF tetap BF.

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