Weight Issues

I am writing this post as a reminder to myself on how I’m feeling right now. No offence whatsoever to whoever out there. I know there’s a lot of “heavier” cases out there, or people struggling to gain weight, but this is about me and only me. So peace ya.

I started my pregnancy heavy. To me it is. I used to be 49kg (pre-marriage days), then I gained to 51kg (UK days). I started carrying IY at 51kg and end up at 64kg at 37 weeks of pregnancy. After confinement, I lost 10kg and thanks to breastfeeding I managed to keep my weight off at 52-53kg  – which I was happy with.

That was then. *Sigh*.

After I stopped breastfeeding, my weight gradually moved up a notch. Bit by bit. Kg by kg. When we were planning to have the second baby, I have repeatedly told myself to shed the pounds so that I’ll start off the next pregnancy at a reasonable weight. I guess I wasn’t listening to myself. Darn!

So there I was at 4 weeks pregnant (when I tested positive) standing at 57kg. *Double sigh*. I knew then that all my so-called diet plan must stop.

Now at 16 weeks, I am 62.7kg and counting. At this rate I’m going, I bet I’ll balloon up to more than 70kg by the time I reach full term. Oh my! Never in my life have I gained so much. I can’t imagine how I’ll look like.

I know I need a plan to stay within the healthy weight gain during pregnancy. It is advisable to gain between 1.5-1.8kg per month (based on my reading What to Expect… book). So, I’m trying to stay within those limits. Bak kata Gee, there’s nothing I could do now. It’s my fault that I didn’t start off light. He was harsh, but he was right. That’s what I love about my husband, he doesn’t say things to make me feel better just by whispering sweet sweet nothing into my ears. Now that I’m pregnant, I can’t be selfish. It’s all now about the baby, and not just me.

My gynae has instructed me to take the GTT test after my 20th week. I get her point. One, because my dad has diabetes, so the possibility is there for me. Two, because of my 2kg++ weight per month so far. The funny part is, she never marah-marah about the weight gain (I heard nurse kat govt hosp marah ek? Err! Takut). But Dr S will go “Pheewiit mama, hebat weight gain ni” which I think is more pedas than kena marah kaw kaw.

Walaupun nampaknya saya kena redha, I’m still staying away from the sweet stuff and unnecessary junk foods. Just have to suck it up and swallow the cravings. When I say swallow, I mean really keep it to myself. Coz I know if I say a word to Gee, he’ll get it for me and make me eat it. Alasan dia – dah sebut, kena makan.

Takpe lah baby, esok2 mama lap je air liur meleleh tu ok? Mama beli bibs cantik2 nanti.






8 thoughts on “Weight Issues

  1. seriously, eat HEALTHILY during the first and second trimester. Cos by the time last2 nii…huhuhuhuhu… i gain almost a kilo a week without even trying.

    kita fail nak keep to my allowed weight gain masa mula2 sbb balik raya harituuuuu…hhuhuhuhuhuhuhu… imagine dah dinner, tapi tgh2 malam mintak meor belikan roti naan…

    • yeah, i’m trying to do that now. makan tetap makan. i won’t go on diet while pregnant. just that i kena avoid unnecessary unhealthy snacks je. kalau dah makan healthy, i’ve got no complaints if i still put on weight.

      haa kita masa morning sickness aritu mmg selalu lapar tgh malam. siap kruk krak kruk krak bunyi perut..haha!nasib baik now dah ok sikit.

  2. Masa preggy Fin kena elak dari sweet esp choc sebab nanti senang kena infection kat down there and UTI grrrr. Now balas dendam makan choc jer. Erkkk *insap* tapi sekejap jer hahaha.

    Good luck dear as for me berat memang prob cause saya G.E.M.U.K tapi takpelah atleast bright side ada anak2 pengubat luka dan lara kan. Alhamdulillah.

    • Haa tang balas dendam tu I faham sangat la kan..especially lepas pantang. Tapi kalau BF masa tu tak terasa sgt effectnye. Effect selepas stop BF yang lagi tak best tu.

      Ye betul, anak2 buat kita lupa kegemukan ini. especially bila kena habiskan makanan dorang. Haha!

  3. but pu3…seeing u at najua’s ari tu..u mmg nmpk slim n petite….i guess masa tu u nie mesti below 50kg.

    Dun worry…bak u n fynn ckp…anak2 buat kita lupa kegemukan…

    But i cant stand the bon bon cit perut…ya allah…malu ok…my friend ckp banyak cacing..hahaha…

    i ingat lagi case masa tu i nak period so mcm biasalah..ke bon bon cit perut tak blh nk cover..ada tis makcik offer seat dlm LRT..actually masa tu i mmg ngantuk n letih…apa lagi terus duduk n pejam mata…then the makcik whispering to her friend…”sian…mabuk, pening kepala..yelah org mengandung…”….dalam hati i……”[Cry loudly]…….perut aku nmpk mcm org ngandung ker???????”

    • Masa kat Najua’s tu I think I was 58kg already. Mungkin I ni terre sorok lemak2 tersembunyi kot…wakaka!

      Aha…for me perut ni mmg tak boleh buat apa lah kan, mmg sedang naik dgn pesat sekali. Tapi masa tak pregnant dulu, yes it was a nightmare too for me.

      alalala…kesiannye you, tapi hey, look at the bright side, you dapat tempat duduk free-free je. Having a tummy does give some advantage maybe?

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