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The Nursing Mother's Companion

I saw this book in a couple of mommy blogs and figured to give it a try. Tak rugi apa pun beli buku kan? Receipt boleh simpan buat claim tax.

Boring plak dok re-run baca What to Expect & buku-buku zaman pregnant kat IY dulu. Shopping for something new is always exciting. Speaking of which, we have started shopping for the baby. First item is the car seat. It has arrived its first pit stop. Awaiting its shipment to KL dalam next week. Can’t wait! Will blog about it once it has arrived KL safe and sound.

Item-item lain, harus lah slow and steady..we don’t want to drain our bank accounts too soon too much, kan? Kena beli 1 major item every 1-2 months. If not, kopak la bila longgok semua towards the end of pregnancy.

Next major items in the list – insurance, stem cell, breastpump – and of course the list is never ending one. Dah macam anak sulung pulak. Tapi takpe, we’re not complaining (eh tang shopping memang I tak pandai nak complaint2..hehe). We know setiap anak sudah tertulis rezeki masing-masing. God has allocated their fair share. We are grateful for that. Alhamdulillah.



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