PTPTN updates

I received an email from PTPTN. My request for the interest reduction has been approved. Yeay? Or Nahh?

So it is true. It is compulsory to pay via salary deduction via LHDN. And that’s not the only hassle. There are 1001 documents need to be filled, submitted and verified. Macam nak apply loan baru pulak.

So no thank you. I’ll just pass. After all, the interest “saving” is just RM53.19 for me. I would rather pay the 50 quid than going through the hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining the rates, the interest or whatnot. I know everything comes with a price these days. Nothing is free no more. Kalau BLR+margin kita boleh bayar kat bank, kenapa nak complain 1%, 3%, 4% ni. I’m not. I’m thankful and lucky to graduate with PTPTN’s fund. It’s the hassle and birokrasi that irks me. I’m sorry if there are any PTPTN-ers who are offended by this entry. Please take it as a constructive criticism.

Kesimpulannye, dah berhutang kena bayar, no matter what.




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