IY’s playtime

Lately he’s now into role playing and exploring his imagination. Seronok tengok dia main. Amongst his favourite lines:

Scene 1

He picks up the phone (or pretending to have a phone on his ear)

Ilhan: Hello, haa kat mana tu?


Ilhan: Oooo kat hotel….patut laaa!

Or sometimes he says “Haa…cepat sikit.”

Scene 2

He’s “selling” his toys.

Ilhan: Beli beli beli!!!

Mama & Ayah: Berapa ringgit, encik?

Ilhan: Singgit singit…bak duit!

Scene 3

He’s  “cooking” his crayons.

Ilhan: Mama nak makan? Ni carrot ni. Nah nah. (shoving the orange/red coloured crayons towards my mouth).


Ilhan: Ayah, nah minum. (Suap “air” from one of his toys to Gee).

Scene 4

Dia terbalik kan meja tulis dia. Took one of his toys and start banging the table.

Me: Ilhan buat apa tu? Bising la ketuk-ketuk.

Ilhan:  An tengah work laa Mama.

I guess he meant he’s repairing the table. Konon-konon ketuk dengan hammer la tu.


Don’t grow up too fast my son.



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