Pregnancy Supplements

These are my pregnancy supplements – prescribed by my new gynae Dr S. Dulu masa IY, Dr F kasi almost the same set. I just can’t remember the names. Yang ingat fish oil tu je. Tu pun sebab ada gambar mommy with a belly kat botol. This time, tak nak lupa dah. So I must document it. Where else if not here, right?

Daily intake

Daily intake

Neurogain PB (refined fish oil), Sangobion capsules (iron) and last but not least Caltrate (calcium & vitamin D). 3 serangkai ni start makan from 13th week onwards. I was on folic acid only for the first 12 weeks.

My mom was asking “Napa doctor tak kasi Obimin?” “Err..tak tau la Ma. Nanti Ayong tanya doctor.” I think my mom is not the only person who asked that. Glamer betul Si Obimin ni eh?

Apart from that, I take my USANA supplements as usual.

USANA Essentials set

Next appointment will be on the 17 Feb…tak sabar nye..hopefully baby will “make an appearance”.



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