A moment too long

I was at Ampang Point yesterday. Heard a commotion in front of the Information Counter. Then I saw a mommy was hugging her child so tight. Crying and saying something (I think I heard “Jangan buat lagi, Kenapa bla..bla..bla..”). The child was crying too. Everybody was watching. Judging from the crying, hugging, the staff beside her, I figured she lost her child for a brief moment and someone maybe just found the kid.

Instantly the inner motherly gut inside me feel her. I feel the woman. I can’t imagine how would I scream and meroyan if my kid hilang kat shopping mall macam tu. The flashback of the Raya incident came to my mind. Oh my! I do not want to go through that ever again!

A reminder to all parents (and to me & Gee)…better be safe than sorry.



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