The beach holiday

I was anticipating for this holiday. Particularly because one; this is the first family holiday since I got married. Gee  has never been  on a holiday with my complete set of family. Always there will be one person missing due to our clashing schedules. Be it us or my bro or my my dad. But this time, everything seems to fall into place. My bro flew from Kerteh and met us halfway in KLIA. IY was happy to see his Ayah Ngah – a face he seldom sees.

Two, because I really need this holiday. I need to recharge my battery. Work has been chaotic and messy for the past month, and being pregnant I know I can’t be stressing about it. Needed to remind myself over and over that stress is not good for the baby. Just had to take a deep breath and deal with it. I consider myself lucky that the new “thing” in the office doesn’t involve much change in my job scope. Just bigger responsibilities and a new team. I hope it’s for the best.

Well, if you noticed from the previous entry, we actually planned a trip to Gold Coast in June. All changed when I got preggers. June is my labour day. So definitely it’s a no-no. Langkawi it is.

So here I am, in the comfy-ness of our hotel room. Listening to the sound of the waves – which is really relaxing. Despite my flu and sore throat, I’m hoping that the fresh ocean air will cure all my pain away. It’s really a pain in the ass when you are sick and can’t take any meds PLUS YOU ARE ON YOUR HOLIDAY. I’m just drinking hot plain water for the throat and vicks to clear the nose stuffiness.

Oh well, I guess the beach is my drug then. Let’s see if it works.





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