Home at last

We’re back from Langkawi.

Me still with the flu and no voice. Talking is hard work for me now. I think I sound like a drag queen. IY was asking “kenapa mama cakap macam mak nenek?”. Don’t ask where did he learn that phrase. Or maybe you should ask Gee. Pfftt!!

First thing first. Balik rumah laundry dulu. We’ve got piles of laundry to do. Lucky I have a husband who loves doing the laundry. Terima kasih sayang for the help. Even now it’s easier with the dryer. The post-laundry yang tak tahan tu – lipat kain! Somebody please invent a lipat-kain machine.

Despite the health condition, I’m proud to say that I think I’ve done well in the shopping department. Tak menggila sangat walaupun hati ini sudah menggedik tengok Corelle, Pyrex dan seangkatan dengannye. Kalau dulu rasanya even minyak gamat pun nak rembat beli je. The best thing was I could control myself tengok chocolates. Ye lah, chocs kat Langkawi kan murah2. Beli untuk orang je…untuk diri sendiri tahan nafsu sebab tak nak GTT test nanti sky rocket. Mengamuk Dr S kang!

We still have got the long CNY holiday remaining and Gee wanted to spend a couple of nights at his parents’. So kita unpack bag merah, pack beg biru la pulak untuk destinasi seterusnye – Ulu Klang.

I’ll write more on our Langkawi trip later. For now, I need to recuperate.


3 and half of us




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