Nesting: Phase 1

Early ke? Not really when you do it in phases. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit kan?

We’ve re-painted the Pantang cum Baby Room with a new colour. The room used to be in a blue-ish hue with lotsa IY’s scribblings and “art work”. Now it’s in almond white and so far is still clean with none of IY’s masterpiece. We shall see how long will that last. Which I very much doubt it.

The Pantang cum Baby Room was formerly known as the Computer cum Play Room. When the baby arrives in June, temporarily it will turn its function. Mainly because I can’t go up and down the stairs during the confinement period. So most of the family activities will be downstairs.

We’ve decided to nest early so that we don’t have to rush everything at the end of the pregnancy. Bila buat sikit-sikit, tak terasa sangat penatnye.

Next phases of the nesting plan shall be (amongst the never ending list of mine):

  • Arranging the baby’s chest drawer with baby clothes – yet to be purchased; Deadline March
  • Bringing down the baby cot from our master bedroom & dismantle it back to baby mode – but first we need to purchase Abang Ilhan’s new bed coz IY still sleeps in the baby cot which has been converted into a toddler bed; Deadline May
  • A few  spring cleaning too. Dah lama tak buat inventory checklist of IY’s toys. Rasa macam dah membuak2 bakul toy tu. Decluttering is one of my must-do list; Deadline ASAP

The newly re-painted walls - let's see how long will the kesucian last

Pejam celik pejam celik June will be coming in no time.



4 thoughts on “Nesting: Phase 1

  1. hahaha…chill babe….by steplah…..lagi fikir lagi serabut!……

    i pun gain back 2kg penangan balik kampung makan tak hingat dunia…but then i happy sbb its a priceless moments…seronok makan berebut dgn siblings, nieces & nephews…payah nak gather ramai2 mcm tu…

    ur hubby n me are in the same lift …….kat area ampang petang semalam!….(i pun tak ingat nama bangunan apa..)

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