…through my pregnancy.

Random things that have been going on so far (not in any particular order):

  • Second semester started pretty well. The morning sickness subsided around the 14-15th week and I was really glad that the hard part was over. Or so I thought. Goodbye quesiness..but hello leg cramps, backache, short of breath and gemuk-ness.
  • Started feeling the baby moving at week 16, although it was just a few tiny flutter but I knew it was it. It’s the baby. Oh it’s a wonderful feeling. Rasa macam first time je. Macam anak sulung. Now at 21 weeks, I feel the baby moving even more. Even Gee can feel a tiny pop here and there sometimes (when he’s really focus and patient). But most of the time, it’s just me feeling it so far. Ahh well, there’ll be more to come for him and IY.
  • Weight wise, I am putting on the kilos, no suprise there. Duh! Nothing fits anymore, I had to go shopping for maternity clothes. People say “don’t buy maternity clothes, they are hideous and not worth it”. Well, I just had to suck it up. Hideous or not. Especially maternity pants. Pastu berangan pakai size S pulak tu. In denial sungguh! Pfftt!! I’m an L for God sake. *tepuk dahi*.
  • Mood swings…hmm not so much. Trying my best to control the emotions. Be it a home with IY or at work with the piling workload.
  • Baby checklist – in progress. I think once we know the gender, it will be on full swing.
  • I’m having trouble having a comfortable sleep at night. Lying flat will only “suffocate” me. Lying on the sides will make me “kebas”. Last-last tidur duduk baru lena. Not really sitting as in 90 degrees angle, but to put pillows to support my back.

Despite the unpleasant  feelings I’m experiencing which is actually nothing new, coz they are almost the same when I was carrying IY; I’m savouring every bit of it. I know once the 40 weeks is over, I’m gonna miss it in a second.



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