The much awaited appointment

Went for my 5th month check up last week. As usual, Dr S will start off the appointment by discussing my questions and concerns so far on my pregnancy. Then she saw on her computer screen that I went to the ER the week before. I told her that I couldn’t stand the flu I had since the Langkawi trip. Tried to tahan for a week without meds, but apparently I needed the drugs. Lepas dua kali telan Piriton, legaaaa! The ER MO gave me cough syrup too (a mild one) but I didn’t consume it. The cough wasn’t bothering me much. It’s the runny nose that was bugging me.

Later came the fun part of the checkup – ultrasound!! Yeay, we get to meet Baby. Baby was doing the acrobatics as usual. And there it was…tadaaa!! Dr S terus je “haaa, nampak dah tu…sama ni macam abang punya.” Then she circled his thingy to show me that we’re having A BOY!! Some parents may not want to know the gender, but not us. We wanted to know coz it’s so much easier with the planning. Especially on the aqiqah and *ehem ehem* shopping budget.

During the ultrasound, my questions to her revolved around his weight, my amniotic fluid count and the health of the baby. So far he’s growing as he should be. 475g at 21 weeks 4 days old. My weight? I gained 1.3kg this month. As long as it is not 2kg plus plus, I’m a happy mommy. Thanks to no nasi lemak. Only Quaker Oats and a cup of Milo for breakfast. Snacks for me would be Jacob Oatmeal Crakers or biskut kering Hup Seng cicah Milo. Yummy!

After the ultrasound session, Dr S explained that next checkup would be the Detailed Scan. I think it’s optional coz we will have to pay extra for that. I did ask her what’s the difference from the normal monthly scans. Coz I don’t remember being offered the Detailed Scan masa dengan Dr F dulu (IY time). Dr S explained that the scan will be longer (45 mins to 1 hour) and more thorough. It will look through every part of the baby’s internal organ and detect if there’s any abnormalities (nauzubillah). It will also be done by a different gynae who is a specialist in this area.

We told IY that he’ll be having a baby brother, and as we’ve guessed it – dia buat dunno je. I think he still hasn’t comprehend the fact that there will be another human being  in the house craving for attention as much as he is. Speaking of IY, lately he’s a bit too…hmm…how shall I put it – naughty perhaps? Trouble three kah? Or maybe he’s just seeking  for the extra attention. Orang nak dapat adik la katakan.





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