The baby budget

The checklist this time around is of course different compared to the one we had three years ago. Masa time anak sulung,  of course semua benda rasa beli. Everything under the sun seems important and must have. Now, we are being more practical and understand better on needs versus wants. Err, although my wants sometimes become my needs too. Pfft! Typical perempuan kan?

Well, let’s start with the major intangible stuff – the ones yang barang nye tak nampak di depan mata tapi equally important.

1. Insurance – We decided to go with the PruMy Child. Currently in the process of signing the documents and waiting for my next appointment with Dr S for a full gynae report. I hope everything goes well coz I heard bukan senang nak di-approve untuk this policy. Pru might reject if they find that we are a high risk mommy. Which I don’t understand why? Just higher the premium la kan? But let’s not go there. I’m not an expert.

2. Stem Cell Banking – IY had his stem cell deposited with Cell Safe International 3 years ago. We would like to do the same for his siblings. We would like to think this as a non-monetary insurance for our kids. Nauzubillah, let’s hope we won’t have to use it. Ya Allah, please keep our kids safe and healthy.

As for the tangible ones;

1. Breastpump – I have decided to go with Medela FS. A bit pricey but I think breastfeeding is worth every penny. I’m purchasing from MyBreastPumpShop via installments and I must say that have made my cashflow much easier. By the time June is here, mommy has her new toy to play with. Yeay! It comes with a year warranty and after the warranty expires I can still send to her for repairs and spare parts.

2. Car seat – We bought Baby #2’s infant carrier cum car seat from an online shop in UK during the Boxing Day Sale season in January. Shopship helped us on the purchase. They arranged for the item to be sent to their home in London and later to be shipped to KL.  Payment semua via Paypal. You should try them if you are the type yang suka beli items from UK yang comparatively cheaper than KL. Walaupun bukan semua barang from UK itu murah, tapi kalau kena pada timingnye, memang jackpot  lah! We saved RM200 for this item. Inclusive of postage.

3. Stroller – Yes, we are the “I-heart-stroller” kinda parents. Never leave home without it. But this item will be put on hold until the baby arrives. So most probably ni masuk cash outflow bulan August kot after my confinement when we start jalan2 with the kids. We plan to get the twin stroller so that Abang and Adik can sit and sleep together-gether. But we won’t sell off the single stroller in case we are alone with one kid at one time. Pelik la pulak kalau tolak twin stroller with only kid inside kan?

So far that’s the 5 biggest cash out flow in my checklist. The rests are the normal stuff like clothes, bedding, feeding items and whatnot. No need to go details on those items, I don’t want to bore you.

At least this entry will remind me later down the years when I carry my no #3.  (Wahh, thinking of no #3 already?)



6 thoughts on “The baby budget

  1. Hai Pu3…wahhhh…bukan nak kawin je ada checklist bagai, tapi nak deliver baby pun kena ada checklist for everymth ye…it was great knowledge, so that i can learn it from u dear..pasni, i will put u as my most FAV blog for the checklist utk “delivery” preparation…:)

    Thanks fr sharing & it is really2 membantu..blh share dgn my siblings…;)
    Btw, kalo dh nama org akaun ni, pasti akan ada cashflows, budget yg kena mengena dgn figures kan…so sgt detailed & particular when it comes to money…

    • Hi Ruhil,

      Happy to share. Ahaa biasala orang finance kan semua pun kena ambil kira. Even the checklist ni semua dalam Excel tau..siap ada monthly expenses lagi nk beli bulan berapa. Haha..but that’s very me lah. I’m a very detailed person. Sebab duit bukan macam air..hehe..kena budget betul2. Raising kids are not cheap these days.

      My intention nak share kat blog pun sebab nak share info dengan mommies (to be) out there, sebab I pun suka collect info from blogs lain jugak. It really helps.

      Masa nak kawin dulu pun I ada Excel sheet gak..budget every single thing. Oh rindu pulak zaman sibuk2 nak kawin dulu. Stress tapi happy! Congratulations to you in advance. Sorry I wouldn’t be able to make it nanti, I might be in confinement masa tu.

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