It started on Friday. Picked up IY after work as usual. Ju told me he was feverish since noon. Tapi nampak dia melompat macam orang tak demam je. But I could see that his face was flushed.

On our way home, IY was being his usual self in the car. Chatty as always. Texted Gee and we decided to go to the clinic later after maghrib. We had no paracetamol at home since IY’s last fever was in August 2010. We can’t afford to wait the next morning in case the temperature spiked in the middle of the night. While waiting for Gee to come home, I quickly gave IY a cold bath to bring the temperature down.

Next day IY looked okay and he was a bit dedar but after his morning shower, I saw rashes all over his groins (which at first I thought was diaper rash), his fingers and back were reddish too with spots. His eyes were puffy and his face looked flush, still. I figured this must be viral fever. All the rashes are coming out already. However, MIL & my mom were not really convinced. To them, it’s measles.  We decided to wait or another day.

Sunday morning, we went out for breakfast and head on to the hospital ER. I was hoping and praying the doctor would diganose IY as viral fever. I was hoping my moms were wrong. But after checking IY, the doctor suspected that it’s measles. I asked “could it be viral?” (cehh, mama in denial). Doctor explained that she could see the spots in IY’s throat too and seems that the spots ada “mata”. If it’s viral, they won’t be any “mata” nor it will appear inside his throat. So kami pasrah!

Measles equals to quarantine equals to mama & ayah kena EL seminggu!

Breathe innnnn….breathe outtttt!!!




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