Big brother

Lately IY has shown the big brother side of him. Although I think he doesn’t have a clue of how a baby can be  in mama’s tummy for a longgg time.

  1. While sorting out his old clothes to be handed down to baby #2, IY was being possessive and was not happy. He kept claiming all of those tiny clothes are his and insisted that they still fit him.
  2. He loves singing Barney to my tummy. Just Barney, no other songs. I have no idea why.
  3. Weeks later, after much persuasion,  he is now okay with giving away his clothes. He would say “ni baby punya, ni An punya. ni seluar An, ni seluar baby.” Items include clothes, toys, botol susu, towel,etc. Semua benda pun ada adik punya and dia punya. *pengsan nak kena beli 2 everytime shopping*
  4. When asked to kiss baby, he’ll kiss my tummy. Awww!
  5. When we sometimes call him Baby, he’ll correct us “bukan baby la mama, ni Abang An. Tu la baby (pointing to my tummy).”
  6. He refuses to sleep in his bed these days. Sibuk je nak snuggle in between us. I’m just too pregnant to pick him up back to his bed. Ayah pulak? Too sleepy I guess. He becomes extra manja (not in the mengada tantrum way). Just loves to snuggle2 and peluk2 and kiss2 us both.
  7. People have been asking if he’s shown the nak-dapat-adik tantrum, I don’t see any. Maybe coz I see his  perangai as normal. Biasa laa the “Trouble Two” tantrums.

By the way, why do people kept saying, “kesian dia, nak dapat adik dah lepas ni tak boleh manja-manja dah”. I don’t know why but I don’t agree with that statement. Ke aku yang tak merasa lagi sebab baby belum keluar? Maybe mommies of 2 or more out there will beg to differ.

I feel that our love and affection for IY will never change no matter how many siblings he’ll have in future. Yes, attention wise maybe it will be divided 50-50 but he will and he can manja-manja all he wants. I guess that’s one of my reasons why I’m taking extra time off from work.

Maybe I don’t know, maybe it’s too soon to tell. Just maybe. But when the time comes, I will try to make sure all my babies get the attention they deserve. And that includes their father too.



4 thoughts on “Big brother

  1. Yes, that statement! Kita sgt tak suka bila org cakap mcm tu. There are enough kasih sayang from us for our kids, always.

  2. looks like ‘nak dpt adik’ nye symptoms..extra manja n those u describe.hehe..yupe agree with u on ‘kesian nak dpt adik’ part..we all gone thru that partkan. so sweetla ur entry tdy! hehe all the best mommies out there!

    • maybe yes if u consider those as the kitaorg ok je..suka bila dia manja2 macam2 tu..cuma bila tantrum tu grr la jugak. hehe…

      i’m sure u get that question too kan? sabar je la kan?

      yeah, all the best to u too!

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