The anomaly scan

We had our detailed scan a.k.a the anomaly scan yesterday. I was excited and looking forward to the appointment day as I wanted to see the baby’s  face in 3D. We didn’t have that chance during IY’s time. This time, I was not going to miss it for the world.

Tetapi…. orang tua-tua kan pernah berkata, jangan terlalu berharap..jangan suka-suka sangat. Kan dahhh…

We went in around 9.15am and Dr T (the specialist) started to scan. The baby was facing backwards and was in breech position. Dr T terus cakap “oh the baby is in a very comfortable position, but not very helpful to us”. He was in a curled up position, chin to chest.

Dr T scanned and check every single detail of the baby’s internal organ. Starting with the spine, kidney, stomach, bladder. Then we saw the baby’s thingy in between his legs. Dr T re-confirmed baby is a he. Then we moved on to his legs. Checking his thigh bones, saw his calf and his foot. Doc siap kira his toes lagi. Then we saw his tapak kaki. Left and right. Pastu check arms pulak. Kira jari lagi. Okay cukup. Alhamdulillah.

Later he moved to the head and brain. Here I don’t have a clue what the doc was explaining. As long as I hear “looks good, looks normal” I’m happy. But basically I think doc was explaining the segments of baby’s brain and its development. The doc tried to extra2 tekan my tummy to kacau2 baby so that he’ll turn, he wanted to have a clear face profile of the baby and also to check his heart from the front. But to no avail. The doc finally said “let’s have a break. Mommy go to toilet first, jalan-jalan and goyang2 sikit tummy (haha, sounds funny kan?), then we’ll have a look again”.

So we went down to have a quick bite, went to the toilet for the urine sample and walk up & down the hallway. Sambil tu dok pujuk2 baby, called his name, saying that he’s a good boy. And yes, I goyang2 a little bit and poke my tummy. I was really hoping he would turn and give a frontal view.

Well, so much of hoping.

Dia kasi side view je. But that’s good enough lah. Better than backside view. Dr T started scanning the face. Tulang hidung, upper lip no cleft, chin dah developed fully, eyes ok, ears ok, etc semua ok. Then moving on to the heart. Masa ni, I noticed that he was really thorough. Siap tengok blood flow in & out, check valve, check ada 4 chambers, check apa entah lagi kitaorg tak paham. Just happy to hear “looks good, looks okay, looks normal”. Kalau tak silap, he went in to see the heart sampai 3-4 kali kot. I know dia tak puas hati sebab dapat side je. He said if the baby was in a better position, he could see a lot more clearer.

All in all, the scan lasted for 1 hour plus. Sungguh lama. Pastu tengok 2D images in black & white je tak de la paham sangat. Kalau doc tak explain memang tak paham la kan. (Oh suddenly teringat Rachel masa first time tengok scan picture Emma – F.R.I.E.N.D.S alert!). Maybe orang lain yang lebih lucky dapat tengok in 3D with babies in action. Hisap jari la, menguap la, senyum la. Kami takde rezeki lagi nak tengok. Baby nak surprise on his birth-day kot. baby is asking mama & ayah to wait for his grand appearance ye?

Takpe la sayang…I’ll see u 15 weeks time. Can’t wait!

After the scan, we went to the next room to see Dr S. Discuss macam biasa. Dapat injection tetanus sebijik. Ouch! And oh, this month, I guess I overeat kot, 2.8 kg gain tuu…whoaaa. Dr S dah ber ehem ehem tadi when she saw my weight gain this month. She reminded me not to exceed 12-15kg throughout the pregnancy. So far at week 25, I’ve gained 8.4kg. Baby is 770g.

Next appointment – GTT. Yikes!!







6 thoughts on “The anomaly scan

  1. much i missed my preganncy…but with the 2 ultraman nie……we decided to stop for a while….mama’s BP pun selalu naik….

  2. waah another 15 weeks is not long to go my dear! Gosh junior “baby an” coming soon! Glad that everything went well 🙂 praying for the best for you and the future baby always 🙂

  3. In here its a compulsory to have the anomaly scan at your 20th weeks. Me special case, during first trimester, scan every appointment/mth. After that, ada la 2 kali je scan including the anomaly scan. Mmg very details kan, me too siap kena gi jalan2 dulu. same reason, nak check the heart. I minum byk sgt kot before the scan, tup2 tak tahan nak ke toilet ahahha.. lawak la.. anyway, missed the pregnancy too. didn’t get that tetanus injection, for what ya? I only had H2N1 and flu injection je, itupun masa 2 mths before due date.

    Anyway, wish you have a safe delivery, normal kah this time?

    • yup it’s wajib there tp sini kena bayar extra la kak farah.and not all hospital ada the service. haha..kena dpt org yg sabar kalau baby tak kasi cooperation kan?

      tetanus is vaccine yg lawan kalau kita ada wound apa2 ada infection it could through our blood. in pregnant women, it could go straight to the baby via the umbilical cord. just for precaution. doc dh warning, sakit sikit, ingat mcm jab biasa je, rupanya sakit banyak..2-3 days my bum bum bengkak. nasib baik bukan kat tangan.

      yes!! i’m hoping for normal this time. gynae is confident so am i. doakan kan baby sihat and turun into the right position k? i risau breech je mcm IY dulu.

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