Sarah’s party

Last year she had this party.

This year, her mommy decided to throw a small party for her 4th birthday. My SIL is also expecting a baby coming July, I know if she was in a better health condition (she had severe case of morning sickness), she would have planned a bigger party.

It was a brunch party held at Marmalade, BV2. I love the location. Suited well for a small scale family get-together. The party started at 11am and after the cake cutting, food eating, games playing and all that jazz, we moved on to the 3rd floor for a fun time at  the Kizsports Gym. Seronok bukan main lagi anakandaku IY. Sampai tak nak balik. Lucky that Ayah is around to kejar and layan him panjat2, slides, masuk terowong and whatnots. Nasib baik muat je si Ayah ikut anak tu pegi mana2. Mama dah surrender angkat tangan. Nak kejar amik gambar pun dah mengah dah. Dulu boleh la, now dengan tummy ni, karang stuck plak dalam tunnel tu.

Party venue & deco

Birthday girl


Family picture

This party rawks!

My yummylicious pancake..sandwiched with slices of caramelized apples

IY with his spaghetti

IY's fun time with Ayah

Nak balik dah time ni..siap tuka baju dah..sipping his Bai-Yi-Na a.k.a Ribena

26 weeks me

26 weeks me

Okay, now I’m in need of a foot rub..toodles people!




2 thoughts on “Sarah’s party

    • gile planning nak ada spa session…free manicure pun dah cukup best dah. Nanti daddy jealous pulak.

      Next year party Sarah and adik pulak ye…you’ll have fun planning a party for a boy & a girl! Mix themed party!

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