Lately I have a thing for these…


Just thinking of those will make me drool. The sweet orange-yellowish coloured ones. Sorang boleh habis sebijik at one go.

And surprisingly these too…


I was never a die hard fan of durians. Specifically because I have migraine. My body used to not to be able to handle durians coz it’s too “panas” for me. Hence, the migraine attack. But during my pregnancy, I just had to have it and surprisingly Alhamdulillah, I can handle it alright. But still I try to control my intake. Usually when the urge to have durians come, I’ll ask Gee to buy for me the pre-packed ones yang ada 3-4 ulas je tu. Just for the taste bud sake. Kalau bawak balik sebijik memang berdengung la nanti kepala, perut, belakang segala. The first time I had durians during my pregnancy, I couldn’t sleep that night. Tak senang duduk dibuatnye badan rasa tak sedap. Okay, lesson learnt.

One thing yang belum berjaya makan, tapi dok terfikir-fikir…

Durian pancakes

Makan lepas GTT lah..aci tak?

Haihh, talk about weird things pregnancy can do to you huh?


*all pictures googled*


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