The home stretch

Pejam celik I’m plus minus in my third trimester. I turn 27 weeks today. Wow, already?

BFF emailed me the other day saying “apsal kita rasa pregnancy awak kali ni cepat ek?” Ye awak, I feel the same. All this backache, headache, fatigue, mengah-ness & lenguh-ness will end in approximately 13 weeks time. 13 out of 40 weeks in the pregnancy time zone is not long. Not at all.

Sprinting to the finishing line, my Top 5 concerns, worries and plans:

1. Work

I know. Teruk kan? Orang lain fikir pasal takut sakit nak beranak, kita risaukan office. Risaukan office without me for 3 whole months. Not that I’m TOO important in the office, but still, bermakna la jugak. Unlike during IY time when I was here nor there. Ada takde pun tak memberi kesan sangat. This time, I need to make sure that the workload is handed over to my team in an organized flow. I’m glad that I have a team yang boleh diharap. I guess the department  restructuring is a blessing in disguise. But I foresee that I’ll be working from home still.

2. Baby sitter

I haven’t found the perfect babysitter for baby #2. Well, I haven’t been looking either. Frankly, I’ve got trust issues with new people. Oh if you’re wondering, IY’s daycare only accepts 1 year old and above. So I need to find someone to take care of baby #2 for a period of 9 months. Anybody knows where I can get a daily 8am-6pm nanny? If ada, then my problem is 90% solved, kot? Oh well, I’ll cross the bridge when I’m there. I just pray that rezeki baby #2 dapat someone yang mencapai tahap piawaian mama ni. Haihh, fussy me.

3. Maternity leave

I have casually mentioned to my new lady CFO boss that I’m opting for a 90 days maternity leave. Although the company has not implemented the extra days, I’m taking my time off for free. Unpaid leave from month 2 to month 3. Let’s have a taste of being an SAHM for a little bit. Agak2 serik tak nanti? Haha!

Well, my boss took it well. She kinda understood the need for me to go on a long leave. Jokingly she said “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone kacau you for the first 44 days. That’s the most crucial period for a woman in confinement”. Hmm..I wonder if calls and emails will start flowing in on my 45th day? We shall see.

So by end April, I’ll be able to submit my leave application. And I guess by then it’s official. Tick tock counting the days to being a [temporary] SAHM. Or maybe a WAHM (starting day 45).

4. Confinement Lady

I have booked a package with Iree Touch and hopefully they will take good care of me. Hopefully dapat masseuse yang tak banyak cakap. I just wanna enjoy the massages and treatments in peace. I’m not so fussy on the traditional pantang regime as long as the procedures make sense to me. Jangan halang I minum air, makan buah, makan sayur sudah. That’s just plain ridiculous. And what’s with kena ikat rambut ketat and tinggi? I’m cutting my hair short for sure. Untuk persediaan postpartum hair loss phase. Oh, no offence to people who practices strict pantang regime out there. This is just me. The stubborn me. Jangan tiru k?

5. Labour

And this, *drum roll please*…This tops it all. One word – VBAC. I’m praying day & night to go VBAC.

So here goes to the third trimester.

On your mark, get set, GO.



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