A love note to my baby

Dear Baby,

Oh sayang baby, sorry sayang if mama has not been talking to you much lately. Sorry when you have to listen and sense so many negative vibes in the office. At times like this, I wish you won’t have to be stucked in me from 8.30am – 7pm every day. Not that I want you to be out my tummy too soon. Please stay inside until 24 June and enjoy your time there ok sayang. Mama promise to stay as calm as possible throughout. I don’t mind the somersaults and the kicking. You can ultraman, kamen rider dragon night, ben 10 all you want. Just stay healthy and grow as you should be.

Mama, Ayah and Abang Ilhan will see you in 12 weeks sayang. Until then, keep on moving. Love you!



5 thoughts on “A love note to my baby

      • chill babe…jgn stress sgt….nanti beranak cepat sgt ..like my 2nd delivery…pasal tensen kat kakek clerk kat opis…

        FYI, tiap kali i ngandung ntahlah angin kus kus mana yang sampai…kakek clerk tu jaki semacam….everytime dia sakitkan hati i..i akan doa…..i redha dgn apa diorg buat n moga mudahlah i bersalin…amin…Allah makbulkan doa i…1st delivery 1 hr je sakit…2nd delivery 45min je sakit….
        Hopefully 3rd & 4th delivery (lmbt lagi sbb xlarat with 2 ultramans) mudahlah i bersalin & takde yang jaki kat i.

  1. A love note from ayah….
    jgn buas mcm abang an sangat okeh..sakit2 bdn ayah.

    A love note from abg an…
    ni suar an, ni suar ayah..ni suar baby..
    ni baju an, ni baju ayah, ni baju baby..

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