A love note to my first born

Dear Ilhan Yusuf,

Last night, you, me & ayah were watching ABPBH on tv. You were enjoying the show as much as we did..with ayah flipping the channel now and then to his EPL. You enjoyed that too.

Then, while Rosnani Jamil was giving her speech for her Lifetime Achievement Award, you asked me;

“Mama, napa nenek tu tak pakai tudung?”

Wow, son..you’re not even three and just amazed me with such query. You have taught me how your dad and I need to be  careful with our words, actions and decision we make everyday.

Anyways, keep the questions coming no matter how grown up they may sound. We’ll try our best to feed you with answers you want to know. And if we found ourselves dumbfounded by those question, kita serahkan pada yang pakar – your grandparents. 😉




2 thoughts on “A love note to my first born

    • Errk..tu la kan?

      For us..kitaorg belum kasi reasoning yang tak mencapai akal dia lagi. We usually give answers like “dia terlupa kot” or “kejap lagi dia pakai la tu”.
      Coz IY suka tanya soalan berantai. Eg: kenapa dia nangis? sebab dia sedih. kenapa dia sedih?sebab mama dia tinggal dia.kenapa mama dia tinggal dia? sebab mama dia tak sayang dia. kenapa mama dia tak sayang dia? and the list goes on…sampai tak terjawab dah.

      But soon we need to incoporate the Islam do’s and don’ts…tunggu dia besar sikit.

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