Sudah sampai!

Baby #2 car seat cum infant carrier arrived from UK yesterday. Finally the wait is over!

Sent to my office as nobody is at home to sign the DO. Luckily the box muat masuk my car.

Dia pun sibuk sama nak tolong bukak box

Quality control testing by Abang Ilhan

Overall I had a good experience dealing with ShopShip. They replied to my emails fairly fast (considering the 2 different time zones) and responded to my suggestions openly. At first they quoted me quite a high shipping price and I was this close to cancel the plan to purchase the car seat kat sana. Although the price of the car seat itself was wayyyy cheaper than buying here in KL (thanks to Boxing Day Sale), tapi bila add up with shipping charges that ShopShip quoted me, the cost went over the top. Baik beli kat KL lagi murah.

Then I discovered the high cost was because it’s a fast delivery (to arrive between 3 to 5 days). Since I don’t mind waiting ( I was in my first trimester – no rush), I suggested that they used the cheaper option i.e. via sea freight. I recommended the shipping company that we used masa nak pindah balik Malaysia from Manchester. ShopShip contacted them and arranged for the item to be sent to me. My item arrived in exactly 3 months. Exactly – my order form was dated 8 January.

Will I go for ShopShip’s services again? Of course! But maybe for bulky item je lah. For stuff yang kecik-kecik, I have my alternatives.*Waving FLW* πŸ˜‰


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