Breastfeeding talk

Last weekend Gee and I went to a breastfeeding talk organized by the hospital where I’ll be delivering Baby #2. It’s FOC so why not kan? Gee dengan hati yang paksa rela mengikuti kehendak isteri tercinta ini. It was an hour-long talk and very useful for both of us. Kira macam refresher course la jugak. Although I think I remember the ins and outs of BF last time around, it’s great to share my experience with other mommies there. Well, I was the only second time mommy, yang lain semua anak sulung. In my opinion the talk was very basic and for second time mommy like me, I kinda knew already. However, it’s good to meyakinkan diri lagi knowing that what I know is what I should know and it is the correct info.

Just wanna share with everyone reading a few infos – not in any particular order. These are based on my experience and what I understand from the talk. Please don’t quote me should you don’t agree. Kita sama-sama belajar ok? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. A newborn tummy is only as big a grape. Buah anggur ok? Jadi tidak perlu menyumbat 30ml, 60ml, 90ml susu formula ke dalam perut sekecik itu. Kesian tummy tu nak kena kembang sebelum waktu.
  2. That tiny tummy only needs around 2 tablespoon of colostrum sahaja.
  3. Yes, newborn will cry for milk EVERY hour. If you are lucky, 2 hours. Asking for milk EVERY hour doesn’t mean that your milk is not enough.
  4. First day, the name of the milk is colostrum. Between day 2 and 4 is transitional milk. Starting day 4, the mature milk will start flowing in. Please don’t expect susu mencurah-curah seperti air hujan pada hari pertama. Just keep on feeding and it will come naturally. Remember, it’s just as big as sebiji buah anggur.
  5. There is no such thing as left breast is water, right breast is food. Or vice versa. Both breasts are food AND water. The difference is separuh masa pertama is water (omputeh panggil foremilk), separuh masa kedua is fat i.e. food (omputeh panggil hindmilk). Make sure the baby is sucking long enough to finish the game. That explains why they hang on to your boobs sampai sejam lebih. Pastu tido sejam. Pastu uwaaaa nak lagi. Kalau dia minum kejap sangat, dia dapat foremilk je (hilang dahaga)..nanti dia tak gain weight badan tak berketak2…hehe. Kena kasi minum lama2 so that dia dapat the hindmilk skali..baru naik six pack bagai.
  6. Never underestimate your baby. They are clever. They will let go when they are done. They are the boss. I want my milk when I want it, when I’m done, I’m done.
  7. One mistake I think I did masa IY dulu with regards to engorgement was I didn’t pump as much to empty my breast (masa confinement). I was relying a lot on IY for that. I had severe bengkak susu sampai demam. Had to take panadol to ease the pain. The engorgement was to the limit that bila IY minum susu tak keluar coz the boobs and nips were too keras for him. And this little boss sudah meroyan kelaparan (bukan mak dia je yang meroyan kesakitan).
  8. Please don’t wait until the baby cries for milk. Kalau dia dah start keluarkan lidah jilat bibir or bunyi chup chap chup chap macam anak burung tunggu food dalam nest, that’s the que for milk. Offer your breast.
  9. First two weeks – wake your baby every 3 hours. Kalau dia tido lama sangat, harus dikejutkan and offer your milk. If dia ada jaundice, you need to BF even more.
  10. Last but not least, I’m not going to lie to you. BF is not easy. It takes determination and hardwork to make it work. Be strong and kuatkan semangat if you want to succeed in completing the first six months, first year, first 18 months and eventually 2 years. Don’t set your target too high, instead be realistic. Coz if things go otherwise, you’ll be downer than ever.

I’m no BF pro, nor am I a BF hardcore. But I’m determined to make it work BETTER this time. I’m praying that Baby#2 will be an easy baby to work with.



6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding talk

  1. You can do this pu3..believe effort determination = satisfaction. My speaker advice n from reading “making more milk” book is that e key of having more milk is by frequently emptying ur tank. :p all e best!

  2. Great article, I was not aware about the water and fat part. Alhamdulillah, it’s been 9-1/2 months for Aiyu, hopefully it can last for at least a year 🙂

    • Thanks dear…sharing is caring. Yeah ramai yang ter follow cakap org tua2 pasal susu ibu yang sebelah air, sebelah nasi tu. Which is wrong. The right info is the foremilk hindmilk.

      I lupa nak tambah dalam tu about susu ibu cepat hadam compared to formula. Sebab tu baby cries for milk often – dia cepat lapar balik.

      Bagus la Aiyu 9.5months still on the boobies…good luck for the next months to come.

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