My week

Monday started pretty well. I was in denial on Tuesday. Hit the rock bottom on Wednesday. Spinning head, itchy throat, runny nose and constant Braxton Hicks on Thursday.

So on Friday, I took the day off. Just had to or I’ll explode.

Sent IY to daycare and I remembered Kak Ina’s FB status on Munawwarah’s new collection and received De Zahra’s sms notifying  my alteration is ready for pick up. Took my own sweet time and had a relaxing drive to PJ. Retail therapy at Munaww & DZ dengan jayanya. Then balik rumah and slept like a baby. Had lunch at mama’s and went to pick up IY at daycare.

I think I had enough therapy for the day. InsyaAllah will be back on my feet next Monday.

Here’s to the weekend!



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