On being diaperless

I know I have been yapping about wanting to potty train IY since I can’t remember. But I never really gotten close to doing it. I wonder why.

Suddenly, out of the blue, last night after his bath, IY said, “Mama, An tak nak pakai pampers la. An nak pakai spender.” And he took his pants and wore them. (oh he never lets me dress him these days, always wants to do himself). I was impressed that HE was the one who wanted to potty train himself. Well son, you just made my job easier. On the starting point that is.

I made him wore his potty pants which I bought eon years ago when the potty training idea first came to me. He was delighted to get to wear the big boy undies. I could see he’s glowing. Bangga sangat dapat pakai spender.

So 1 hour went by with no major accidents. I kept asking him if he wanted to pee every 15 minutes. I kept the toilet door open and lights switched on in case he outruns me to the potty. Which is very high likely. Imagine this mommy waddling to the toilet. Of course my 2.11 year old will outrun me! Haha!

After 2 hours, he pooped! In the potty pants. When I saw he was doing his pooping-business-face, I shrieked and took his diapers. He said no! He wanted to poop in his undies! Oh my!! But Gee insisted to take him to the toilet and let him finished his business there like big boys do. So there goes accident number 1.

About 1/2 hour later, I asked if he wanted to pee. He said yes and ran to the toilet. And accident number 2 happened – right in front of the toilet door. He already peed in his pants tapi tak tembus seluar. Just need to change his undies je. Phew for me!

Day 1 went pretty well huh?. Let’s see how Day 2 goes. If the weekend goes fantasticly, I need to stock on the potty pants for his daycare. Ju, are you ready for this? :=)



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