My top ten

I am 30 weeks today. That means I have 10 more weeks to go. Max!

10 weeks and my top 10’s are – I pray and wish:

1.That the baby turns by week 34. If he’s breech, there goes my dream for a VBAC.

2. To have a no drama labour signs moment – i.e. no water break in a middle of whatever wherever (my office, malls, while driving, any public places, etc). I do not wish to be in the headline “Wanita bersalin dalam kereta di dalam kesesakan lalulintas di Jalan Tun Razak” or worse “Wanita bersalin dalam fitting room di KLCC”. Oh nooo!!

3. That IY won’t  miss me too much while I’m away spending the night kat hospital. Or, that I won’t miss him too much.

4. That I arrive at the hospital at the right time – not too early that they just want to get things done and over with. Or too late that I don’t even have the time to reach my bed.

5.  For the baby to have a consistent heart rate and my dilation progress won’t take too long so that they don’t have to start the pitocin or cut me open.

6. That nothing goes wrong with my old c-sect scar.

7. To have a calm labour experience. No drama, no complications, no problem.

8. That I could hold my baby as soon as he’s out. Skin to skin and all.

9. That he gets his first taste of mommy’s colostrum as early as possible.

10. That both of us survive the labour alive and well.

Ya Allah, I hope that’s not too much to ask. Even if it is, can I have just no 10?




5 thoughts on “My top ten

  1. Insyaallah you will be able to do it… tell that to the baby too k 😉

    And ur right, timing penting. Handling early contractions out of the hosp was mentally easier for me, i guess sbb byk distractions n focus kat benda lain.

    • Yes that reminds me I need to tell the baby too..coz this is his journey too…*sigh* I haven’t been “communicating” with him lately.Kesian dia..asyik kasi mama the mexican wave nak attention agaknye.

      Kita baca byk birth story yang cakap pvt hospital likes to speed things up…now I understand why govt hosp suruh balik kalau baru kecik cm dilated. It’s actually for the good of the mommy too.

      Doakan kita wak!

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