Stroller Connector

Recently I found this online…

Stroller connector

It locks 2 single strollers together

Interesting invention eh?

Decision decision…still have not decided which one to go for. I thought I have. Sekali nampak benda ni, terus fikir 2 kali nak beli tandem twin stroller.

*all pictures googled


8 thoughts on “Stroller Connector

  1. huhu…
    biasalah kiddo!…my son tiba2 je..”adui mama..sakitnya kaki abg hakeem..abg hakeem tak boleh jalanlah….” end up adik mama/papa kena dukung….lecehlah pulak nak pi mall bawa 2 stroller!….

  2. interesting..i’d would consider buying this kalau stroller sama size! Not! aaahaha.,,eh better u buy this one than double la dear. :p

    • Tu lah..mcm rasa nak beli tapi kena usah lebih sikit coz I found kat and they don’t ship from US to Malaysia.

      Yeah, rasanya we’re not buying the double stroller. Just wait and see what the final decision will be. Jeng jeng jeng.

      Actually dia macam compatible utk most of the sizes tau. I saw the picture dia sambungkan stroller anak with wheelchair nenek. Cool kan?

  3. u nak i tanya my fren yang agent belikan barang from us? i baru je order car adapter for freestyle mandela from her. if u nak let me know, she will quote her price then once you agree baru dia post to us. eh menarik la nanti i soh dia quote price for me… kalau wheel chair pon boleh link i think boleh je link gan my UD with ML stroller kan.

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