The Glucose Tolerance Test

The dreaded moment has arrived – The Glucose Tolerance Test. I am usually excited of my monthly doctor’s appointment. But not this month. Particularly because I need to fast from midnight and wait until noon for my first real meal of the day. I don’t like being hungry. I get cranky when I’m hungry. That’s not a pretty sight. Tanya la Gee. Haha!

Anywayyyy, the first batch of blood was drawn at about 9ish and I was given the glucose drink right after. The sugary water yang manis dan pekat dan panas. Unlike during IY, my previous hospital with Dr F gave me this grape flavoured sugary drink. Imagine the Ribena cordial tu but don’t add water. Yang today pulak was like the air gula yang satu layer kat bottom of the cup bila kita beli air soya bean tepi jalan tu. Either one, both were bluerghh!

My breakfast - right!

Then I had to wait 2 hours in the waiting room for the second batch of blood to be drawn. Luckily I brought my laptop and there’s free WIFI. Boleh la isi masa tengok my office emails and facebook-ing. Sambil tu the TV was showing AXN ada cite CSI: Miami. Terhibur la jugak. Gee came at 11ish to accompany me for Dr S’s appointment at 12.

Lepas “buka puasa” (which was just a quick sandwich bite downstairs), we went in to see Dr S. This is what I love about this new hospital. Sangat menepati masa (kecuali doc ada emergency labour la kan). Boy oh boy, Baby #2 gave a sneak peek of his face. Yeay! Mama suka. I know Gee suka jugak altho he was quite far from the screen, tapi dia nampak jugak la anak teruna dia. We saw baby #2 yawning. Then Dr S switched to 3D mode and there he was..knee up to his chin and kerut-kerut muka sekali sekala. Marah kot sebab sugar rush tadi. Also maybe coz Dr S was poking him to put his knee down so that we could see his mouth. But anyhow, I’m a happy mommy dapat tengok his face.

Here he is…tadaa!!!

Knee up to his chin covering his mouth with eyes closed..kaki siap bersilang lagi

Ye saya sangat jakun coz masa IY dulu tak de chance nak buat 3D. This is my first time.

So okay moving on..I have gained 2.5kg (which is not good) and baby #2 is 1.325kg at week 30. He was also head down. But it is still too early to tell if he’ll be in that position until the end. Anyhow Dr S is very optimistic that I could go normal this time. She sees an 80% chance. InsyaAllah – God’s willing. We shall wait and see. I’m just hoping for the best for both of us.



Update: 23 April 2010

Received my test result via phone call today.

Fasting reading: 4.2.

After glucose drink reading: 6.2

Dr S said that the reading shoud be less 5 (fasting) and and less 7.5 (after glucose drink).

I guess I passed with flying colours eh?



2 thoughts on “The Glucose Tolerance Test

  1. took me a while nak bezakan knee and face haha..finally nampak! well tak puas…we’ll just have to wait for the birth-day then! *wink*

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