Pureen warehouse sale 2011

I found out about this sale a couple of weeks ago. The place is located kat area Section 14 PJ. Near the big BMW Rolls Royce & Toyota showrooms. We went early in the morning.  Arrived at 10am (which I thought I was early rupanya ada yang lagi awal). Konon ingat awal. Pfft! Parking pun dah takde.

The promo ad

Anyway, Gee dropped me off at the entrance and he went to search for parking. Had a mental checklist of what to buy. Harus lah ada checklist kan, if not, terbabas budget nanti. Since IY (and soon his brother) use most of Pureen products I figured this is the best time to stock up. Baby wipes, bottle liquid cleanser, baby detergent (yes, we still wash his clothes separately from ours) are the must haves. Other than that, for baby #2 I was aiming for clothes and diapers. And also my Opah’s adult diapers.

The place was jammed packed with people. Orang-orang yang sarat preggie macam I ni dok pegang perut je risau berlaga perut. Tapi if you are determined and the type yang main redah je, this is the place for you. Berpeluh sakan. Despite the crowd, the queues for payment were fast coz they opened a lot of counters. Almost 20 counters I think. So there were no waiting. Terus je masuk. But that was at 11am lah kan. I don’t think it’s the same scenario at a later time.


Ini untuk Opah saya

Ni untuk anak-anak saya

Overall it was worth it. If you are a bargain hunter, this is the place to be. Baju baby dia jual longgok for RM1, RM3, RM5. I think the max was RM12-Rm15 kot untuk yang pairs. I bought a few for Baby #2, tak larat nak memboloskan diri untuk grab more. Mampu serbu basket baju yang takde orang kerumun je.

Tips if you are planning to go next year – be there early and be prepared with a checklist of what you need. If possible tak payah bawak kids. But if you have to, just babywear them, bila bawak strollers macam leceh sikit. Warehouse sale is not the  place to do your shopping leisurely. But luckily IY was such a darling tadi. Siap tolong pilih baju adik dia. “Mama, amik yang ni la mama. Untuk baby”. InsyaAllah next year, nak pergi lagi.

The warehouse price list



5 thoughts on “Pureen warehouse sale 2011

  1. i went for abg hakeem n umar hadif..

    mmg worth to go……cheap..tapi sanggup tak sanggup nak redah the crowds and cari parking.

    Best part..lepas shop till drop..kat luar usually ada org jual nestle yogurt drink, juices (murah juga)….so boleh minum banyak2 hilangkn dahaga!

    • Yup worth if you use their products la. Redah crowd is another story.

      Oo I tak perasan pulak Nestle vendors kat luar. Gerai2 biasa jual air ada lah. And ada jual toys jugak. IY dah pau pedang Ben 10 satu. Sempat lagi tu.

    • Yup best..tapi tak leh nak shopping lenggang kangkung..kena cepat sebelum penat. Larat la jugak sebab dah bersemangat la katakan.

      The place is surprisingly not far sangat. Or maybe sebab I dah biasa with area Sec 14 tu kot..UM dekat je situ..masa study selalu gi Sec 14 dulu.

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