The birthday treat to Sunway Lagoon

This year we decided to take IY to Sunway Lagoon on his birthday. At first we planned for A Famosa Melaka tapi due to my heavy condition, we opted for somewhere nearer but equally fun.

Entah kenapa la anak teruna ni takut sangat nak naik slides (kiddies ones) or venture the water games. Dia paling takut tang giant pail yang hanging and when penuh air it will automatically pour itself out. Orang berebut tunggu bawah pail tu, dia bukan main lagi menangis takut. Apa laa…Hehe…Kalau tak berpaut kat bapak dia, tak sah.

Dia takuttt!

Gee tried the water slides. Tinggi woo! Mula-mula takut but he went for it anyway. IY and I tunggu kat bawah je lah kan.

Gee on the far right

But he enjoyed the Wildlife Park the most. He was in awe looking at the animals. The word “WOW” tak lekang dari mulut. Hehe..Comel je birthday boy ni. Everytime we wanted to take pictures of the animals, he would say “biarla dia ayah, jangan la kacau dia ayah”.

Excited kat Wildlife Park

After the theme park, we moved on to Pyramid pulak for lunch. The price of food at the park was ridiculously expensive. Buat duit betul depa ni. Patut la tak kasi bawak food sendiri masuk . Pfftt!!


Anyways, we had fun. And this pregnant mommy had her exercise too. Penat woo jalan banyak. But nevermind, walking supposed to be good for labour kan? Hopefully it will work on me.

The birthday boy with Mama & Ayah

You must finish your ice cream first before entering the car. Nanti tumpah dalam car seat mak kau meroyan.

Oh birthday boy belum had the chance to blow his birthday candles yet. Tak sempat pun beli cake untuk dia. Takpe lah anak..this Friday you’ll celebrate with your friends ok?

All set for Friday's partay!



11 thoughts on “The birthday treat to Sunway Lagoon

  1. Hahaha..hapy jer birthday boy. Semoga jadi anak yang soleh!

    Samalah anak kita yang sulung..sgt takut air dari baldi tue…adik yang baru 1yr ++ pulak yg ter’over berani’. Minta letak bawah air….hello adik..awak baby sgtlah….tempias2 air sudah cukup!

    Exercise do really made my labor easy. i do walk a lotttt…(really a lott) lunch time mmg xde episod tapau ni. i do rather walk from Dayabumi to CM to get my food. Friday break jgn kata..naik lrt bagai ke Jalan TAR, Sogo KLCC, Ampang Park. I had pain for 1 hr (itupun after drip air)..before that dah buka 6-7cm i masih tak sakit2..midwife sampai letih tanya..”dah rasa sakit?” “belum ..tak rasa pun”…smpi skrg i do pray semoga 3rd one (which is i dunno when..i’m not mentally n physically ready…) semudah ini. Tapi my test dtg during 1-2 weeks of confinement. I redha. Allah bagi i senang beranak..masa confinement kasi test sikit. Sebenarnya..the 1-2 weeks itulah yang paling i serik berbanding beranak.

    BTW, doa for your safe and easy delivery. Hopefully the exercise do helps a lot!

    • Thanks dear. Yes I hope I can go normal delivery this time and can endure the pain of labour. Pas ni nak tawaf mall plak..haha!

      I hari2 naik turun tangga 2 tingkat my office ni takde lift. So tu pun kira exercise jugak. Mengah mmg mengah tapi I hope it’s worth it!

    • Thanks Auntie Zura!!

      Tapi tawaf mall tu takut terpesong ke arah lain..mengeringkan poket nanti.

      Fuyyoo awak samakan dgn marathon…harus training. Baik lah!! Tak akan ku complain lagi naik turun tangga kat ofis ni hari2.

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