IY’s party

IY’s 3rd birthday party was held at his daycare on Friday 6 May 2011. I took the afternoon off to pick up his Ben 10 cake made by Yummy Bites. Stayed a little while at the party to snap pictures and help out. Wouldn’t want to miss the party, would I?

The bag, the lolli choc, the brownies & the birthday cake

The party packs were planned last minute la jugak. I decided on the theme and finalised everything mid April. Compared to last year, when I’ve got everything mapped out since early of the year. This year was considered late lah (for me at least!). Blame the hormones. Tak de mood sangat. But demi IY, kesian pulak if takde nyanyi2 and blow candles for him. Asyik pergi party orang lain je. He’s been waiting for his own jugak (although sometimes orang lain punya birthday pun birthday dia jugak..hehe).

I chose Dear Azalea tu design the label on the paper bags. It’s Ben10 theme this year.

In the goodie bags we’ve got mini packet of Chipsmore, jellies, a box of Ribena, baloons, party mask. I also ordered lolli choc from Lonia. It’s so yummy. Sumpah tak tipu. Oreo cookies covered with homemade chocolate on a stick. With edible Ben 10 image. And ada chocolate brownies ordered from my cousin. Yang ni pun sedap.

Ok back to the party. It was tea time at the daycare. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect. There were 25 kids altogether. So bayangkan keriuhannye..love it! You see, IY was one of the pioneer kids at the daycare. He was among the earliest kids registered there so I kinda know the kids too there. Maybe not the new ones tapi yang sama batch dengan IY mostly. Maybe in the future I should invite their parents too kan? Boleh get to know each other better. Selalu hi-hi bye-bye je sambil2 send off and pick up anak-anak. Know the faces but not the (real) names. Parents usually go by the kids name. Mama Aliya, Ayah Adam, Ibu Irfan, Mama Faliq, etc. And of course I’m known as Mama Ilhan.

Kanak-kanak Ribena

When I arrived, IY and a few of the kids were napping. So we waited for a while.  When they woke up, we started off with everyone gathering around the cake and started singing. Kelakar when everyone were excited to blow the candles. We were trying our best to control the kids to not blow the candles before IY.

The kids so eager to blow the candles kan?

IY was happy as always. When he saw the Ben 10 cake, he was in awe “Wow, cake Ben 10 An la mama”…”Wow, cantiknye”..”Ni birthday An mama”. Balik rumah tak habis2 bercerita “semua orang nyanyi untuk An, pastu An tiup macam ni (he will do the candle blowing action)”. He received 2 presents from his teacher – a Ben 10 utensil set and a book about Reptiles. Suka dia. Terima kasih Cikgu!

Checking out his new book

We had another round of candle blowing at home after dinner time of what’s left of the cake. Berseri-seri muka dia when I took the cake out. Excited!

Happy 3, my boy!

Until next year – toodles!!



5 thoughts on “IY’s party

  1. happy birthday ilhan…

    wah sgt well planned & organised the birthday party!

    BTW…eh i saw a familiar faces….safwan & his adik (on the ribena picture yang letak tangan atas kepala n the adik singlet biru)…he was a close friend of hakeem. Ooo he pindah here rupanya. If hakeem was there..mmg pengsanlah najua nak control this partner in crime. sama pelat…sama naughty n sama lasak!

  2. eh..kalo last minute pun dah macam nie..well planned mestilah sgt ‘kabababbooom…” huhu

    yup…kawan lama dari old taska. Sian juga kat hakeem sbb dah kawan dgn safwan dari kecik…mula2 balik school on the new 2011..hakeem agak moody juga…”dok termenung sbb safwan (and beberapa geng yang dah masuk tadika) xde.

    Well, its life.

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