Pictures of you

We take a lot of pictures of IY. From the day he was born until now. Semua pun nak capture. His first this his first that, his various expressions, his antics and kerenah. Hopefully we’ll do this for all our kids. Although some may think “alah, anak sulung, biasa la tu…nanti anak dah masuk 2-3 tak de nyeee”. I’ve also read a few blogs jugak yang mention the same thing. They said bila belek2 gambar anak no 2-3 tak se-banyak gambar abang/kakak yang sulung. Well, I can’t comment much on that. We just have to wait and see once baby #2 pops out.

IY’s first professional photoshoot was taken during his aqiqah when he was 3 months old. Since then, I got hooked. I love seeing those pictures taken by the pros. Especially those candid ones. We sometimes take for granted of those little things that a picture could capture. It is true when people say a picture is worth a thousand words.

And of course, we are privileged enough to have a family member who is KC. And being family, we are comfortable with her. I love her work and her patience. You see, kids are very unpredictable. It is a challenge working with them. To be exact, with mine.

Last weekend we went to The Little Big Shots white studio in Kajang to have IY’s birthday shoot. Since we didn’t hold any fancy schmancy party for him, I thought it would be nice if we could have pictures of him turning 3.

We made an appointment with KC for the shooting. I have discussed with KC weeks ago on what we had in mind. It’s great to know that we were both thinking the same theme – BIRTHDAY.

Tetapiiiii…..when the actual day came, all went out the window. You wanna know why? Coz my little rascal ni tak reti duduk diam!! When we arrived the studio floor was filled with colourful balloons. We planned that he will be surrounded by the balloons and cut his rainbow cake and smile to the camera and cooperate with KC. But noooo, my son was more interested in the balloons! He was busy kicking them sampai terkeluar dari frame. Tendang balloons sampai ke belakang spotlight. KC sangat lah bersabar. Mak dia ni yang dok terjerit2 suruh dia stay still dalam “territory”. Umpan la apa pun…dia diam 3 saat je. Pastu melompat balik terkeluar dari kawasan. Bapak dia pulak dok terkejar2 dia tarik masuk balik. Mak dia dah mengah dah.

Suddenly I remember his GAP Casting Call. Nasib baik jugakla la tak menang. I can’t imagine him being that restless if he won and had to go through the photoshoot in Singapore with those professionals!

I asked him to kiss my tummy so that KC could capture the moment. Dia kiss sekali je for about 0.005 nano seconds. Tak sempat nak tekan button pun agaknye. Pastu jual mahal tak nak dah. Padahal kat rumah bukan main lagi dok sibuk nak pegang perut la, nak kiss baby la, nak nyanyi lagu Barney kat baby lah.

Finally we umpan dia dgn ice cream..and he sat still the whole time! Of course with an ice cream in his mouth! Birthday theme apa nye la tu? Dengan comot2 lagi. *Sigh*

I hope the pictures turn out good. Oh please turn out good. Pretty please.

Here’s a teaser from KC…a real candid one! Who knew IY’s backside pun boleh jadi gambar cantik macam ni?

Stay tuned for more!



5 thoughts on “Pictures of you

  1. kalau girl maybe senang sikit kot.. takde la dok terkejar2.. but the problem with my little girl is dia tersangat lah pemalu dengan org yg baru jumpa.. nak warm up takes so long.. nak bagi senyum payah.. mama dia terpaksa enterframe.. nak habis kan 1 hour shoot punya la seksa.. penat..

    • a’ah kalau girl dia tak seligat a boy rasanya..well, u can compare kan..hari2 u with them :=)

      oh IY tak malu sangat maybe sebab dia biasa dgn auntie KC dia kot..kalau dengan strangers dia amik masa jugak nk warm up.

      with IY tak sedar pun dah abis time..I siap tanya KC “kak chik, byk lagi ke shot nak amik?”…haha!

  2. Well, depends dgn org gak kot. I still takes tons of pictures of Sophie. Kakak dah jadi lesser sebab dia dah reti tutup muka or lari. hehe

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