Week 33

Week 33 here I am. Breathless and aching everywhere. But still bearable. Once in a while I needed to remind myself to slow down. Be it walking, eating, thinking and most of all, working. I have delegated most of the workload to my colleagues and hopefully they can cope. Dah dekat2 nak cuti ni banyak pulak cabaran kat office. I’m just praying that this baby will arrive on time so that my work plan will go on as it is.

Moving on, went for my checkup yesterday. Dr S is happy with the baby’s development. So far she has not seen any problems I had 3 years ago. Baby #2 EFW is 1.826kg. Heart beat is strong and he was in the melintang position. Head at 3 o’clock position (or 9 o’clock from the doc’s view). Definitely not head up like IY dulu. IY never turned. Kepala di atas till the end.

Mommy’s development? Another 2.45kg weight gain this month. Well, not really A MONTH. 3 weeks je to be exact. Banyak sangat makan birthday cake this past week. And I’m constantly hungry. IY followed to the hospital today and he was excited to hear the baby’s heart beat. Dr S cakap kat dia “Abang dengar tak tu? Baby naik kuda laa”. Coz the heartbeat sounds like there’s a horse race in my tummy. Tee-hee!

The visit was a quick one. She just wanted to hear what are my concerns. Of course my questions revolved around the baby’s weight, baby’s position and my amniotic fluid level. The 3 major issues that made me went for the C-Sect last time. I mengadu kat dia that my back and feet hurt these days. Uncomfortable to sleep at night due to the sleeping positions. She advised me to rest a lot and taught me the correct way to get up. Which is mengiring dulu and baru bangun. Not straight bangun from the lie flat position. I told her I tried that and it only works on my right side. Kalau I mengiring left side, still hurts. Gee has to support my arm to get up these days. Thanks dear! Braxton Hicks is also here. Dr S said as long as they are not painful, that’s normal. Uncomfortable, yes. Painful, no. So I guess I’m okay with that.

That’s all for week 33 checkup. I’m on 3 weeks interval checkup from now on. So baby, Mama will see you at week 36. Until then, stay healthy inside. Love you!


2 thoughts on “Week 33

  1. fuhhh i baca ur entry pon i rasa penat…ahaha…takpe sketttt je lagi dear…caiyok(2X) 7 weeks to go for you! hmmpp memang kita kena bangun side ways, tetapi sakit jugak kan.

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