Nesting: Phase 2

Lanjutan from Nesting: Phase 1.

Lately my nesting instinct has kicked in. Really kicked in. Not just at home tapi di office juga! I’ve been clearing the clutter in my room to make space for my colleague to move in during my absence. Been doing the kemas2 so that she knows where to find what easily. Must label everything. Ye lah kan, bilik kita, kita tau je bundle papers tu is what and bundle docs ni is what. I can’t expect my girls to know where to find what documents when they need it. I know my colleague is reluctant to move in my room, sebab bilik boss kot. Maybe dia risau what her peers will say kot? I dunno lah. Kena pujuk la dia sikit, coz we’ve got space issue kat office tu. Rugi plak if my room being locked and not utilize for 3 months. Masalah staff lagi ramai dari workstation. Camner tu? In the end, the temporary staff semua takde tempat permanent nak duduk. Inilah akibatnye bila 5 orang beranak skali gus in June. We took in more temps to cover the workload plus ada new permanent staff too! Yes, we’ve got 5 pregnant mommies in my department with due dates more or less the same. Jom main lat-tali-lat-tam-plom siapa beranak dulu!

At home, most of the baby’s preparation are done. Baby cot dah turun bawah. Katil mama pun dah siap pasang. I have sorted the baby dresser with his clothes and mine. Hospital bag belum ready fully, just main campak2 je barang yang teringat nak bawak. Dah dekat2 nanti baru finalize and susun elok2. IY’s bag also needs to be ready coz he’ll be spending the nights at my parents’ nanti.

At 35 weeks, I’m currently in a very malas mood..bukan malas apa. Malas nak keluar and berkejar ke sana ke mari. My weekends used to be jam-packed with activities…kena pegi to my in-laws, kenduris, birthday parties, grocery shoppings and the likes. But now, I just feel like hanging out at home, berkemas rumah, makan and tidur je. My weekdays pulak pegi keje balik keje. Tu pun I (almost) on auto pilot mode dah. Just wanna go home at 6 sharp (which is somewhat impossible, but I try to make an effort to be early). Driving in KL traffic is not helping much. My feet and legs are really testing me these days. The arch of my feet memang sakit. I waddle in pain. The back and the butt jangan cerita la kan. Don’t even start asking. Luckily dear hubby is kind enough to urut selalu. Thanks dear!

One part of me is just done with this pregnancy, I can’t wait to see my baby..but the other part of me is waiting patiently and cherishing every kick, every pain, every discomfort and every second of it. That bigger part of me is praying and waiting for week 37 to pass by, 2.5kg and above, mature lungs, mature placenta and enough amniotic fluid racing (and by racing I meant waddling..hehe) to the finishing line.



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