Baby, to the left to the left

It’s the 36 week checkup and everything seems to be A-okay. Baby #2 is already head down tapi senget sikit. He has not engaged into the birth canal yet and Dr S is estimating he should be on his way further down by end of the next couple of weeks.

When I say senget sikit, he’s actually not in a 6 o’clock position as he should be. Instead he’s at 7 o’clock (doctor’s view) or 1 o’clock (my view). What I need to do is lie to my left side a little bit more so that the gravity will do its job naturally. But haihh I have a problem with lying on my left side. My left thigh will always go numb and have this menyucuk pain which I think is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Although this syndrome usually happens to other mommies around the hand wrist and feet area, mine persist on my left thigh only. Tak boleh nak lama2 tekan peha kiri tu.

Dr S wanted me to rest a lot and don’t be too lasak2 from now until birth. Oh believe me doc, I AM slowing down. REALLL SLOW. I’m very anxious of the pain. Since I have no experience going through normal labour, I can’t imagine of the excrutiating pain that everyone’s been talking about. Currently I’m just paying extra attention to all those little sign of labour like the Braxton Hicks, the discharge, the tiny ouch here and there around my old scar, the less movement of the baby (altho he’s still kicking 10 times in 12 hours – I did the Fetal Kick Chart) and etc.

Also been reading a lot about breathing techniques and how to go through labour effectively and calmly, but at the end of the day, I guess no amount of research could give me the real picture until I experience it myself. Dalam hati tak sabar nak rasa, but at the same time, takut!

Week 36 stats:

Baby EFW = 2.6kg (yeay! more than IY’s birth weight)

Mommy’s weight gain in 3 weeks = 1.25kg (yeay jugak!)

Mommy’s total weight gain = 14.6kg (err…tak yeay!)



2 thoughts on “Baby, to the left to the left

  1. when read all advice (based on my friend advice since she beranak dulu)….

    “alah sakit nak beranak ni macam sakit nak berak tahi keras je”….

    until now..we would laugh like mad women bila ingat the quote above. To siti fatimah ahmad kadri……yeay..mmg betul.

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