It’s (almost) time

I’ve been in and out of the office this past couple of weeks. Bila tak larat, just apply EL online and cabut je balik. Right now I’m just resting and nesting at home. Waiting for the grand debut of IY’s little brother. I think the contractions has started but they are very mild and far from each other. Rasa macam period pain. I’m guessing that’s how it supposed to feel, right? Every 2-3 hours it will come and go. I can feel the tummy tightening & rumbling macam sakit perut diarrhea tu. I don’t dare to drive alone dah.

My mom is more nervous than I am. I’m trying my best to stay calm and to stay focus. Gee looks calm, so far. Tak tau lah bila sampai masa dia macam mana nanti kan?

While waiting for the real labour signs to kick in, I’m googling for birth stories and reading other mommies’ experiences. And oh, responding to office emails too. So much of cuti, huh? Not. But takpe lah, kerja tetap kerja.

Doakan saya to have a speedy delivery. Minta ampun if I ever offended any of you out there in any way. Be it from my writings or my actions (if I know you personally). InsyaAllah, panjang umur kita jumpa lagi.

Wish me luck and I guess my next post will be on the the arrival of Baby #2 and his birth story.

*sigh*…deep breaths…release…deep breaths…release….*sigh*




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