Am I ready for this?

Yeah, I’m still here. Pregnant and all. *Yawn*

Last night I thought I was in labour. Or maybe not. Maybe I just wanted to know what’s taking too long. The baby was not moving too much and for every Braxton Hicks I felt, it hurt when I tried to walk. Been on my butt the whole day in front of the telly and lappie just because it was too uncomfortable to move about.

We went to the ER at about 9ish after dinner and Isyak. They wheeled me to the Labour Room and as usual put me on the CTG machine. After about 1/2 hour, the midwife/nurse said that my contraction was very mild and not ready for labour yet. I was expecting that. But hearing the baby’s heartbeat made me feel happy. Although he was not moving much, the midwife said “heartbeat baby cantik puan, don’t worry”. Lega.

Then it was time for VE. Yikes!!! Why did nobody ever tell me that VE was, was…LIKE THAT???!!! Why people why??? I do not want to go into details. I’m sure all mommies out there know what VE is. It was a nightmare for me. I cringed, was sweating buckets, cried and shivered right after. And for the first time, I had pregnancy insomnia that night. The nurse said I have a retroverted uterus. Yes, I know I have a tilted uterus, it’s no biggie. Having a tilted uterus is like being a leftie. All I could think of was “macam mana nak beranak ni?? VE pun dah nangis.”

After all that drama (by me), the nurse called Dr S and she let me go home. I was happy to go home. Suddenly I was not ready for labour. Tak sabar nak balik and peluk IY. Suddenly, I was thinking of c-sect. Suddenly, I was thinking of epidural. Suddenly, I don’t mind if baby wants to stay inside of me a little bit longer. Suddenly, I was not looking forward to my appointment tomorrow.

Oh btw, the result? Mild contraction, baby’s not engaged yet (still senget ke tepi) and no opening. Great, just great.

Nasib baik bill Rm11.50 je.



8 thoughts on “Am I ready for this?

  1. Last-last what time did u guys got home? Eh last time they did not do any ve for u? Maybe it was scheduled c-sect. Ughh seriou lak baca ur entry ni…just stay focus main thing to get ur bb out standby backup plan if incase u x thn sakit either gas or epidural. Lot of women cried bcoz it’s one painful experience. I pray for Allah to make it an easy,less painful n smooth short delivery.Amin.

    • Arrived home 11pm. Hospital kan dekat je..10 mins dah sampai.

      Nope I have never done VE before. IY was an elective scheduled csect last time. So adegan seluk menyeluk ni tidak pernah berlaku dalam hidup saya. Huhu.

      I know I’m going to cry of the contraction nanti..tu tak boleh elak la. Now cuma nak kena prepare mentally of the epi options je..before this I thought I could go au natural..yo la tuuu!

      Thanks dear, I pray the same for you.

  2. All the best awak *hugs*. Masa VE tu kena calm down and relax the muscles. Kita 1st time, my OB siap cakap awal suh jgn keraskan muscles. And he jenis by 37weeks and above akan selalu buat VE masa check-up. You’ll be doing fine, we mothers are stronger than we ever expected 🙂

    • I tried to relax and tarik nafas dalam2 (macam masa buat pap smear or vaginal scan) tidak berjaya. maybe sebab first time kot..tak expect the nurse will go that deep to reach for my cervix.

      Thanks awak…I really need this now. I hope you are right, I hope I’m stronger than I ever know.

  3. tomorrow talk to ur doc about epi options just in case!! ask pasal low dose and high dose epi… kita dulu yg masa lyssa tuu doc kasi epi kaw-kaw so I couldn’t feel my legs at all!! that scared the $%^&& out of me… but then a friend of mine cakap when she delivered doc dia kasi low dose epi… so she felt the pain though not as bad as without epi…

    • Wokehh…will do that! Yeah, I heard the machine can control the dosage kan..bila dah dekat2 nak full dilate, dia switch off terus pun ada kan?

      I think I’m more traumatized of things going into me rather than coming out of me.

  4. pu3 juz enjoy ur time.. i had a very unpleasant experience with the 2nd one. its funny when my 1st is much2 easier than 2nd one.. ye la sbb org slalu ckp 2nd senang nak kuar bla bla bla..
    but hey its not happened at me at all.. smpi fobia nak preggy blk ni after 2nd experience. wat i learn is let the baby decide bile nak kuar dun push them and enjoy ur last moment before the baby come out. btw lupe nak cite my 1st deliver was normal n it took only 1 hour ++ from 3cm to 10 cm. n kene puji gile2 ngan doc n nurse i wat ape kuar cpt n sng.the 2nd one ???? 3cm for 2 days x bukak2 dah le contraction kuat at the end baby dah berak and i was emergency czer coz the ctg reading not so good. i was so stress dat time coz baby x kuar2 n certain time mcm nak blame baby plak. well my bad. all the best for u and hope everything goes well..

    • Thanks Openg. Appreciate the words of encouragement. Mmg diperlukan.
      Well, this is my first time going normal coz the first was a scheduled csect. I don’t even know what contraction feels like. Apatah lagi nak meneran segala nanti.
      Right now I’m just letting the baby decides bila dia nak keluar…hopefully tak payah paksa2 dia guna induce labour. Lagipun I strongly believe that Tuhan dah set the when and the how. KIta tak boleh nak deny that.
      Hopefully all goes well :=)

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