We’re engaged

And by “we”, I meant me & baby.

Went for our (hopefully last) checkup today. Dr S did her routine check on me. Scanning and feeling my tummy. Oh how happy I was when she said “Yup, the baby’s in!”. Now we wait. Wait for showtime! And while waiting, she advised me to walk a lot, squat a lot and be active. I’ll be needing all the energy and flexibility in the labour room.

At 38 weeks, baby is 2.9kg and mommy gained another 1.7kg.

We did chat about my false alarm on Wednesday. She explained to me the whole labour thingy..siap tunjuk the chart of the internal cervix. I told her my VE drama and she simply laughed. And that brought me to talking about the pain relief options. She said not to worry, it will be offered to me. Tapi terlupa nak cakap pasal dosage.

She kept convincing me that I deserve a chance for a normal delivery. She loves seeing the satisfaction in every mommy when they have successfully delivered their baby naturally. She wants to see that in me too. Aww..terharu pulak rasa. Semangat dah naik balik sikit. =)

Next appointment will be on 27 June. Harap2 tak sampai ke situ lah.

Nota kaki: Aaron Aziz’s wife was sitting not too far from me in the waiting room. But I had no idea who she was at first. Until the nurses were like on happy-dural upon seeing her.. “Kirim salam kat SETH TAN ye?” Pastu she said “alaa tu cite je la..dengan I pun dia tak macam tu”..pastu ada la kuar the word my husband this my husband that. Dia siap promote cite KL Gangster lagi to them.

Oleh sebab tak nak nampak jakun, I texted Gee (who was sitting beside me) “tu bini Aaron Aziz ke?”

I know, silly me! Star strucked tak tentu pasal. Baru jumpa bini. Kalau AA ada skali tadi, entah la apa jadi.

Balik rumah terus google. Sah!



6 thoughts on “We’re engaged

  1. Haha i would do e same if i were u, but normally i x sent..tunjuk je sms yg type tuh hehe..wow pc mmg byk artistkan suka.lots of ppl talking bout seth tan…me puzzle..googled baru paham..maklumla bkn kaki tv.hehe…but yupe i pon suka Aaron Aziz…he is cute!! Kalau dapat bb boy handsome camtu best gak!

    Engaged dah yeay for u!! Sikit lagi kan penantian tu.so doc kasi mc till dd tak. Bagus doc s,mcm tulah encourage mommies for normal delivery!:)

    • A’ah ek? Why didn’t I think of that? Patut tak yah send pun. Rugi je seposen. AA punya pasal.
      Oh u tak tgk eh Nora Elena..I dgn Gee peminat setia dari first episode. Hari2 berkejar nak balik by 7pm for it.

      Yeah, sikit lagi I hope. Yup she gave me MC back dated from start I cuti last Monday sampai next appointmentt next week. 10 days! Woohoo!! Dia mmg nak I rest dah lama dah suruh I cuti..I je yg cuti lambat. Nasib baik dia tak bising bila I kata I cuti pun still work from home.

      I was happy and impressed too when she’s more confident than I am on being able to deliver normal. After the false alarm, I punya confidence level turun sikit. Now dah semangat balik. Hopefully Tuhan pun dah set kan I beranak normal. Tapi if otherwise pun I terima je.

  2. remember…sakit beranak tu macam sakit nak poo poo tahi keras!…nanti masa dok sakit labour room…u ingat ayat ni..u boleh gelak sorang2..n compare! betul ker???

    • Hmm..I don’t think she’s preggy. Routine check up je kot..I overheard dia cakap about pap smear or something (nampak sgt pasang telinga kan?Cehh, noti me).

      Thanks Fatin. I hope I’ll be able to do it.

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