Another false alarm

This morning I had a bloody show. I hyperventilated for a second thinking “this is it!”. Gee was online and I YM-ed asking him to come home. Then I texted my mom asking her a favour to pick up IY at daycare and let him stay with her.

While waiting for Gee, I went to get ready. Took a shower and packed IY’s bag. Thinking that I will need a lot of energy, sempat lagi makan nasi sepinggan. Wakaka!

Then off we went to the ER..again.

CTG and VE..again.

No (major) contraction, no opening..again.

But this time, since my labour sign was more significant than the last, the midwife called Dr S at her clinic and asked me if I wanna stay in or go home. Only come back if I’m having consistent contractions. We chose to go home, of course!

And the waiting game continues.


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