IY version 3.1

A few of IY’s antics that sometimes made us go grrr….or awww….

He’s very competitive these days. Semuanya Ilhan kena menang. To the extent that if Ayah naik tangga dulu, he would make Ayah turun and “rewind” just to make sure that he reaches the top stairs first. And boy oh boy, you just have to see the glow on his ‘winning’ face. Or in a different scenario, if IY & Ayah are having shower at the same time (in different bathrooms of course), I would have to make sure that IY finishes first. Kalau dia tak ready lagi, Ayah kena tunggu la sampai IY siap dulu. If not, IY will pull his tantrum and that’s not a very pretty sight. Orang Penang cakap dia jadi bebai satu macam. Mama stress!

But on a positive note of his kiasu attitude, I sometimes use it to my advantage. Everytime I want him to do something like cleaning up his toys mess, getting something for me or putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, I would say “Cepat An, nanti Ayah yang buat, Ayah menang. Sapa buat dulu, dia menang!” And zass it’s done! Clever me, eh? Well, most of the time it works lah. Ada hari yang dia mengada2 jugak. “An penat la mama..penat main”..Haihh, baru 3 tahun dah pandai ber excuse.

He loves loves loves to sing. Non stop. Every song that catches his interest would stick like a glue. Mostly the chorus part. Every night before he goes to sleep, after the doa tidur (or sometimes he accidentally recites the doa makan, heh!)…he would sing a lullaby..and no, it’s not Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Baa Baa Black Sheep…it’s usually either Anuar Zain’s Sedetik Lebih, Awi Rafael’s Monday Tuesday song, Sofaz Sesuatu Yang Berbeza from the Nora Elena OST or if he’s in a patriotic mood, it would be Satu Malaysia. This boy never fails to put a smile on my sleepy face.

He loves to be cuddled. Especially in front of the tv, suka betul nak menyelit duduk celah kita. Pastu tarik tangan kita around him suruh peluk dia. He is one manja boy. Malam nak tidur suka selit2 tangan celah bantal or peluk tangan kita buat jadi macam bolster pillow.

He loves talking to his adik. There’s one time he was singing his heart out, then he turned to my tummy and said “baby,sedap tak Abang Ilhan nyanyi?” or when he sometimes “tells” stories to his adik “Baby, Abang Ilhan ada jam Ben 10 baru tau..nanti nak bawak pegi school main dengan kawan.” I love it when he does those things unexpectedly without being told to do so.

When he saw I bought a different brand of diapers for baby, he asked me, “Mama, kenapa tak beli pampers Pooh kat baby macam An punya? Jangan lupa beli nanti sama macam An tauuuu.” I guess he wants adik to be equal dengan dia kot. His motto is “satu untuk An, satu untuk baby.”

IY oh IY! You are growing up too fast, son.


4 thoughts on “IY version 3.1

  1. Rindu IY nih heheh….hope he won’t think adik dia as rival nak menang je nanti. But we have to be prepared for that kan? Sarah bab makan je nak menang,,lepas tu bebel haaa tak habis Bazir..bazir..cikgu dia ajar kat school. Sarah’s tantrums makin menjadi-jadi lately, the nearer the due date lagila..i and tain puzzled.
    Let’s enjoy watching our children growing up moments…afterall that’s the best gift – being a mum kan 🙂

    • Tak boleh nak jangka how will he react bila baby dah depan mata nanti. Tapi tgk pada gaya sekarang mungkin dia akan suka “sembang2” dgn baby kot nanti. we’ll see la nanti.

      IY bab makan pun nak menang gak. Kalau Ayah habis makan dulu, marah tu. Ayah pun terpaksa la tunggu dia habis gak. But sometimes we tak ikut sgt. Ayah bgn gak basuh tangan & I’ll try to distract him. Jenuh la kalau semua nak ikut cakap dia. Spoil nanti.

      Tantrum is normal kot..it’s a way of them looking for attention. IY tu kalau kita ralit tgk tv, dia akan berdiri depan tv and depa tangan luas2…suruh org tgk dia, jgn tgk tv.

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