The birth of Zayyan Umar: The first 12 hours

A sharp period cramp woke me up at 4.45am that Friday morning. But to me that’s normal coz I’ve been having that kinda pain for the past week or so. I couldn’t get back to sleep and just went online to check on my office mails and what nots. After Gee & IY went off to work and nursery, I tried to go back to sleep and dapat la nap kejap. Around 9am, went online with my office and finish off some pending work (it’s salary was an extra busy day for us).

From there on, I just felt the pain getting closer to each other. I was thinking “is this for real?”. Tapi macam ragu2 je sebab dah 2 kali false alarm. I just wanna be sure that I won’t be sent home yet again. By 11am, the pain got more intense and I somehow was pretty sure that was it. I told Gee that I wanna go to the hospital after the Friday prayers (I knew he was very busy that day and I felt bad to interrupt his schedule). While waiting for him, I had lunch and got ready. Gee came home at 1++ and ready for the mosque. I on the other hand was walking in the house macam orang tak betul dah. Everytime the contraction waves came, I just had to walk. Kalau duduk lagi sakit. Sambil jalan I was reciting the ayat kursi, doa nabi yunus, selawat and zikir, minum air zam zam & air selusuh. I also “talked” to baby Z. I told him that this is going to be a journey for him too. He has to be strong for me as I will be for him. I told him, when I push, you have to pull yourself out too! Pep talk la konon!

Then at 2++ Gee came home and I was already crying. Tapi bukan crying yang meraung2 tu la…just air mata meleleh2 non stop. Nasib baik tak jam sangat despite it was a Friday lunch hour. Arrived the hospital at 3pm and was wheeled to the Labour Room instantly. The CTG showed that I had real contractions this time. Oh how happy I was! Then they did the VE but I was only opened 1cm. Macam frust la jugak tapi takpe lah, at least the contractions were not false alarm dah. They called Dr S and she advised that I lepak kat ward dulu. They foresee that this was going to take some time.

At about 6pm, Dr S came to see me in my room. She said she’s going to wait and see my progress until the next day before decides on induction. If my openings were not favourable, they will induce me by Subuh time. She asked about my pain relief options and I decided to go on epidural. I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with the pain if it’s going to take until the next Subuh. Dr S was happy with my decision coz she didn’t want me to stress with the pain as it will stress the baby too. Happy mommy, happy baby. Sad mommy, sad baby.

By Maghrib time I took a long hot shower..lega la sikit..air panas tu tembak kat pinggang tu sedap je rasa.The whole night I was coping not too bad with the pain..jalan around bilik..baring..jalan lagi…squatting. Sempat berfacebook, check emails and sms lagi. My mom masa sms siap tanya..tak macam orang nak beranak pun..relax je. Haa ma, masa tengah takde contraction memang lalala…bila dia datang…uwawawaa laa!

Tapi around 10-11pm-ish…dah tak larat nak buat semua tu. I asked the nurse bila boleh amik epidural? She said usually masa 3cm dah boleh amik dah..then she checked on me and I was only around 1.5cm to 2cm je. Oh my god! Dari petang tadi naik 1 cm je?? The nurse offered me injection pain killer cucuk kat my butt. I welcome any pain killer with open arms!!Give it to meeee!!!! Tapi cucuk tu punya la sakitttt!!Cucuk ni tak termasuk category semut api okehh!!It’s perit, painful and lamaaaaa nye ubat tu nak masuk. The nurse did warn me la..injection ni lain sikit tau.

Tak sampai berapa minute I felt so light and everything seems dancing around me…I’m in Lala Land!!! Weeeee!!!! I think I was saying something to Gee and sempat gelak2…and Gee said “Tido je la cepat! Macam high apa je ni!!.”

Then I can’t remember anything dah. Until I woke up at pain.

…to be continued.



9 thoughts on “The birth of Zayyan Umar: The first 12 hours

  1. huhu.. i remembered crying also menahan sakit.. bukan la nangis jerit2, but meleleh air mata tahan sakit + letih + ngantuk kul 2 3 pagi, hubby lak ambik video cam nak tunjuk kat anak katanya nnt, tgk how painful was it… n i was 3 cm dilated but not consistently 3 min apart.. they sent me home..
    pethidine kot yg dorang cucuk the first tu.. mmg sleepy.

    sambungann please. syok baca ni

    • Haa pethidine kot nama dia..mcm familiar ada dengar nurse dok cakap2..

      Kalau Gee sibuk amik video mesti I lg stress kot..last2 dia lepak je kat tepi dengan laptop dia..I prefer focus alone on the pain. hanya panggil dia bila diperlukan sahaja..Hehe…

      • hoho, yg video2 ni masih di rumah ye.. kat spital, camera pun x ingat nak pegang tgk bini dia kesakitan heheh.. agaknya klu dia pegang video kat spital mau kena jerit kot ngan i heheh

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