The umbilical cord

Z’s cord has fallen off this morning. Day 9 at 6.20am.

I’m not sure about other religion/culture beliefs, but for Muslims/Malays, what do you usually do with your kids’ umbilical cords? Some say simpan in one container for all the siblings (supaya they will be “close” to each other for the rest of their lives). I don’t know. So far I’m keeping them separately. Lepas dah air it dry, then bungkus dalam white muslin cloth together with some spices (4 beradik i.e. the bunga lawang, bunga cengkih, kayu manis & buah pelaga). I use the IKEA glass container and label with their names on it. Also I put in the silica gel to keep it dry.

I put this question in my FB and a friend suggested to tanam. That’s something new, never heard of it. Maybe I should.

Satu abang,satu adik

You all buat macam mana pulak?


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